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Hi guys,

Its bin a while….sooo whats been happening?? well I got kidnapped by a bunch of triads & then was so traumatised from the whole experience that I had to stay in hiding until now. Or how about I’ve been too busy dreaming about playing Diablo 3 that I haven’t been able to do anything correctly since my last post XD yeah, the latter reason seems to be more fitting ^_^

Well in all honesty, the past month or so, my family came to visit me in Hong Kong (for 2 weeks) & we all went to Korea for a mini get-away (including Lindy). I was mega excited about visiting the country (I AM IU's no.1 fan btw - you can search it in Google if you don’t believe me; type “zerg rush” into Google). Haha anywaysssssssss, didn't get to catch IU running around in Korea, not that I was looking out for her or anything because I only have Lindy in my eyes *coughs* =) In general the country is very nice & laid back, the people we met/encountered were all very well-mannered & even the general public had a very good cultural background with decent social etiquettes. BEWARE of the metro train doors though, for some reason they seem to open & shut at the speed of light; we somehow lost 3 of our family members due to not being able to walk into the carriage in time LOLz. Thankfully we all did pointing hand gestures along with loud chinese phrases of “WAIT AT NEXT STOP, OK?” Im sure we’ve all been there at some point XP

I’m sure you’re all aware of the fact that both of my adorable dogs have had their fur cut?? Well for those that aren’t aware or want a quick reminder, here’s a lil quick few piccies of the two tiny terrors ^_^


Chubby always looks all cute & innocent, DON'T BE FOOLED PEOPLE!! hehe nah, she's the cutest thing ever ^_^


Domo always looks silly with his little face =) Not gonna show you the rest of his body because this photo was taken when he had all his fur shaved off >.< The groomers thought he'd be traumatized if they shaved his head too so they kept his head all big & fluffy ^_^


This was taken very recently, no idea what they were both doing; but with dogs as cute as these all you can do is smile & capture the moment =)

Moving on! Not sure if any of you follow the gaming scene, but it is a mega exciting time for us nerds! The much anticipated DIABLO 3 is now available to the open public XD go buy your copy now!!! So yeh I’ve been really caught up in gaming mode recently O.o to the point where I have stuble growing from my chin, piles of Mc D’s stacked up on one side with crisps & soft drinks stacked up on the other, the clothes I’m wearing must’ve been from the day of the launch & Lindy must be still standing outside my office door with a sad face holding the two doggies! Lol okok maybe not AS bad as that, but it has been very intense gaming ^_^ For those that are playing & are planning to play Diablo 3, what levels & classes r ur heroes at and how u guys finding the game? Easy/hard?


Being the little annoying girl that Lindy is, she also wants to tag along with us cool kids to play the game…so yes she IS indeed playing Diablo 3 XD update: after around half a day of playing, I can only assume that she’s already getting bored of the game >.< due to the amount of clicking that she’s doing (I know what a noob right? You can just hold down the mouse button LOL), I think she’s starting to feel a bit of RSI developing in her fingers =$ Although I did try to teach her how to play, she still reverts to mad clicking, uses no spells nor picks up any items/gold…sighs…I wonder if any of you can understand my pain T-T

As usual, this section won’t be complete without what I think are the best pictures of Lindy which you may not all see in her normal posts XD


Isn't she sooo adorably cute? ^_^ I guess this is the BubzBeauty that most of you know Lindy as...


Isn't she sooo silly? ^_^ I guess this is the Bubbiosity that most of you know. Well this is the Lindy that I know, she's such a wee dork ^_^ Hehe…I’m sure she won’t mind me putting the latter photo up, it’s actually my call screen for her when she rings me now - I think it’s rather cute ^_^ Thumbs up if you like that photo (facebook/twitter/google plus share) XD

Anyways, back to levelling up my character, typing this post has led to DOWN TIME >.< hehe but anything for you guys really (once a month only though *coughs*) ^_^

Laters xo

PS. For those that didn’t fall for the “Zerg Rush” google trick, try it out anyways, it’s pretty cool ^_^

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