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Who Am I?

(Little heads up: Red Text is Lindy, aka Bubz)

Halo guys,

So I thought the best way for you guys to know a lil more about me is by putting up things I normally do, play, eat etc. So here goes! For those of you that don’t know, I am your stereotypical Asian: I wear the glasses, I am short (5 foot 6), I play the video games & I love my numbers. So what sorta dorky things do I get up to??

Those of you that know “Jimmy”, he was Lindys first ever Macbook. After a good few years of battering by yours truly, Jimmy’s keyboard was broken…


…so I Youtube’d how to take the thing apart & install a new keyboard….and the results:


TADA! He was resurrected…amazing what you can find on Youtube eh? ^^

Tehehe yes, Youtube can surprisingly teach us a lot of things. I learnt and did some crazy stuff from Youtube (for example, learning how to bay park and also, opening a tin can with a cleaver athough this is not reccomended unless you are desperate and without a can opener). But yeah, "Jimmy" is very special to me. He's not just a macbook. He's sedimental to me because I used him to film/edit my first video(s). 

Other than that, I obviously love playing video games. Hmph!!!!!!!! I hate DOTA!!! There is one in particular that I do play an awful lot: “Dota 2”. Although this game is still in the beta phase I was lucky enough to scavenge a beta key off a close friend =) SCREW YOU WILL!!! You betrayed me! lol


Besides gaming and being all nerdy, I do have a normal life too. I run the online shop on a daily basis overseeing everything & making sure the customers get their orders in a timely fashion. I am very proud to see what the business has become after 2.5 years…back then when Lindy was sitting in her bedroom manually screen printing her clothing line, t-shirt by t-shirt, logo by logo, it was very heart-aching because there wasn’t much I could do to help. Lol, that's because I wouldn't let you help, Bubba! I was afraid you'd mess it up XD She would do around 10 hours’ worth of screen printing a day easily…7 days a week; so we definitely have those of you who purchased from us long ago to thank ^_^ Through the growth of the business we were lucky to be able to expand into cosmetic brushes as well, so we once again want to thank all your supporters out there who have supported us in one way or another =) Yes, thank you to everybody who supported us. I have to admit- the shirts I printed back then must've been awful!!! But nobody ever complained... I'm so thankful...Thank you so much! 


Besides gaming & working, when we have time Lindy & I enjoy the occasional date nights were we’ll dine out to reward ourselves ^_^ Sushi is a popular choice for us because it’s relatively cheap in Hong Kong compared to the UK:


(yes that’s Lindys greedy lil chopstick digging into my sushi =@ BACK OFF WOMAN!)

It's 2am and I'm hungry now!!!! *tummy rumbles* 

But our favourite dining food has to be steak “om nom nom nom”. For those out there who know how to appreciate a good steak, always have it cooked medium-rare for the best texture & flavour, don’t be put off by a little blood – what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger! 


Finally, what makes our lives complete is our two adorable puppies “Chubby & Domo”. These 2 little rascals destroy our house for sure…

a06  a07

Aiyah!!! We forgot to hid the bin before leaving the house!!!! *_* CHUBBI!!!!

But they’re just too cute & loveable that you can’t stay mad at them for more than 30 seconds




And finally, my life wouldn’t be complete without my grumpy other half XD


Its Christmas Day for crying out loud, cheer up babe =)

....Where do you find these pictures???? lol... TIM!!!! >.<

If any of you managed to read down to here, kudos ;) till next time! Have a great week everybody.

Well done for writing your second post Bubba =) I'm very proud of you! Can't wait to read more from you!! Guys, if you have questions/topic suggestions- remember to comment below. Mwah! xx

Tim =)

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