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Clarisonic Review

As promised, I said I would write a detailed review post regarding the famous Clarisonic Facial Exfoliator. First of all, I just want to state that I am not paid to write about the product nor was I given the product for free. I bought the product in Sephora when I was in Los Angeles last summer. I have been reluctant to buy it because of the price but since I was on holiday and didn’t buy much, I bit my tongue as I paid the cashier $225 for it.


Facial Cleansing


For me, cleansing my skin is not an option. It’s how I start my day and how I end my day. After a long hard day, washing all that pollution, makeup, excess oil & dirt off my face is one of the best feelings ever. Using a soap bar is not enough, it can dry out the skin. Using cleansing wipes is not enough either as it can cause an imbalance of pH in the skin. I like to always use water whilst cleaning the face because nothing like the good feeling of splashing water on your face.

What is the Clarisonic?

2.3With its sonic technology, it claims that it can remove makeup 6 times more effectively than your ordinary manual cleansing. It penetrates the skin “300 movements per second” working deep within the pores to dirt and oil. As it oscillates on the skin, “it effectively cleans, clarifies and stimulates the skin without putting stress on collagen fibers”.

Beauty benefits

  • Smoother skin
  • Makeup removal improved by 6 times
  • Pores looking less visible
  • Dry patches & blemishes reduced
  • Skin products absorb better


My experience using Clarisonic
When I first used it, I thought WOW! It felt so great on my skin and I kinda knew that the investment was definitely worth the price. It beeps to tell you to move to a different spot on the face. Clarisonic Plus also allowed me to select from the three levels of cleansing which was gentle, stronger to strongest. My skin is sensitive so I always stick with the gentle mode. When I rinsed my face, it felt incredibly smooth almost as if I just indulged myself to a spa treatment.

When skin is cleansed properly, it means dirt is effectively removed from pores which means pores will appear smaller. My masks and moisturisers did absorb to my skin better.

I could just use a cheap facial cleanser to work in conjunction with my Clarisonic and it would still cleanse my skin well.

To be honest though, skin WILL eventually grow immune to products regardless how good it is. This means the effectiveness may fade overtime. I try to use it for 2 weeks, stop for a week and go back for another 2 weeks so it retains its effectiveness. Whenever my skin gets sensitive, I would leave my Clarisonic for night time cleansing only. My Clarisonic kit came with three heads: normal, sensitive and body. I don’t really use the body head but I should really do it more often. I neglect taking care of my legs the most actually.

Probably one of my best investments for my skin as it gives a polished & glowing complexion. It’s waterproof so while you're showering, you can use Clarisonc on your face and also body. Lives up to the ‘Bentley of all exfoliaters’ name. It is pricey but it is worth every penny for sure.

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