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Maxfactor Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow Review


So I picked up these new products by Maxfactor “Smoky Eye Effect” eyeshadows today at my local Mannings because I was simply intrigued by the concept of creating a Smoky eye without the fuss of using makeup brushes.

What it claims to do

“A foolproof new tool that shades, blends and defines your eyes for this season’s sultriest, sexiest looks. Inspired by our international team of make-up artists its double-ended application system has 2 distinctive tips designed to make smoky eyes easier than ever.” - from the official Maxfactor website.

How to use

The product has two ends which are labeled step 1 & step 2. Basically apply the end that says step 1 (which is blunt) on the entire eyelid. Then apply the eye labeled step 2 (which is slightly pointier) along the crease and on the lower lash line. You can then use your fingers to pat & smudge so it blends seamlessly.


7.99 GBP

Where can you purchase this?

Any local drugstore that has a Maxfactor aisle such as CVS, Boots, Superdrug, Target, Mannings, etc.

There are 6 different shades to choose from. I purchased these three


Bronze Haze
: I picked this one first because I knew right away this would be the most wearable choice out of the six. One end reminds me of the MAC Shadestick in Beigeing which is a shimmery neutral shade and the other is a purple/brown bronze shimmery shade.

Purple Dust: One end is a taupe toned shimmery shade with a violet undertone and the other end is a khaki colour with gold flecks.

Indigo Mist: One end is a bejeweled ocean blue and the other end is a plum toned shade. Again, both ends give a shimmery finish.

My first initial experience using them

They remind me a lot of cream eyeshadow sticks. Texture is almost kind of like what you would apply as a base before using powder eyeshadows. You will not be able to blend them with a brush because it will look muddy. When you blend with your fingers, colour payoff fades a lot which is understandable because they are cream based.

I tested out ‘Bronze Haze’ first and was actually quite surprised with how easy it was. It actually did give a nice transition as if colour was blended with a brush. However, do not rub with your fingers because it does not blend well with this method. It works best using your ring finger in patting motions. It’s quite hard to layer though as it doesn’t blend as well with too many layers. Seemed pretty easy and looked quite nice on the eyes but the colour was very sheer.


These products alone actually work well as bases used to prep the eye before eyeshadow application to insure colour pay off to be more vibrant & long lasting. To be honest, after blending with the fingers; the colours are immensely toned down so don’t expect dramatic intense finishes. You may need to apply translucent powder over the eyes to ‘set’ the eye makeup to avoid creasing. It’s okay I guess but not a staple product for me.

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