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JuJu Aquamoist Vs Hada Labo

Hey everybody,


Today I'll be doing a comparison between JuJu Aquamoist and Hada Labo (their key products). Ever since I filmed my updated skincare routine video, I've been asked many times "Bubz, have you tried Hada Labo? Which is better? Are they the same?". First off, I want to say that they both make great products. Next up, I can see why some of you are confused because yes, their products are pretty similar. Not the same. But similar. They are both Japanese brands, they have similar packaging and even their main ingredients are the pretty much the same. 

I've used Aquamoist since I was 19 years old (I'm 25 now) so I've been using their products for quite some time now. 
As for Hada Labo I've used their products not as long but long enough. Almost 3 years now. I just happened to discover Hada Labo later than Aquamoist. I've probably tried most products from both Aquamoist & Hada Labo but I'll just be reviewing the key products because they also happen to be my favourites as well. 


I'll start by talking and comparing their famous essences.

Let me start with Aquamoist first.

The Aquamoist Essence contains 30ml of product. The content is stored inside a sturdy dark navy glass bottle and product is dispensed through a pump (which is great hygiene wise). The key seller of this product is that it contains 100% pure essence of sodium hyaluronate. Hyarulonic acid is very hydrating for the skin. It helps to repair skin cells and also protecting the skin from damage. One pump gives the perfect amount for application for the entire face. The consistency of the essence is very gel like and it's clear and scentless. I like how the texture is so smooth because it allows me to spread the esence over the face at ease. It absorbs pretty fast because the essence itself is light. It's perfect for my sensitive skin because it's colour free, fragrance free, mineral oil free. 

Now for the Hada Labo essence. There is a reason this essence is called Super hyarulonic acid essence. It's because it is supposed to have twice the moisturising ability of normal hyarulonic acid. So technically speaking, it is supposed to do everything the Aquamoist is doing but more. The essence also contains 30g of product. The packaging is also a pump bottle but instead of glass, the Hada Labo bottle is plastic. Price wise, Hada Labo works out to be a bit cheaper too. 

While the Aqua Moist essence was more like a clear gel, the hada labo essence is more like a serum. It's cloudy in colour and glides over the skin easily from it's smooth texture. It's very hydrating. It doesn't absorb as quick as the Aqua Moist essence (maybe because it's richer? *shrugs*) but it still absorbs pretty fast. It's also colourfree, fragrance free and mineral oil free. 

My preference: There's no doubt that the Hada Labo essence is definitely more hydrating for the skin. However, I still preferred the Aquamoist essence. The gel texture just felt so much lighter on my skin and the ingredients to absorb instantly without making my face feel greasy. The serum felt hydrating yes but it did leave a slight sticky feeling afterwards. It's not that it's greasy. It's just a little too rich for me. It's not a bad thing at all for the essence to be extra hydrating. I just like to layer up my skincare so the gel formula allows my skin to absorb the goodies but still leave it feeling like skin. I would reccomend the Hada Labo to those with extreme dry skin conditions but if your skin is more on the oilier side - Aquamoist is the way to go. Both brands are good for sensitive skin but in my experience, the AM was a little more skin-friendly for me. 

Now I'll be talking about their foam cleansers (I know they have other cleansers but it's the foam cleansers I prefer). The Aquamoist Foam Cleanser and the Hada Labo AHA + BHA foaming wash. 

I really have to say that they both work wonderfully. They work great as gentle cleansers and leave the skin feeling fresh and hydrated afterwards. They don't irritate the skin nor leave the skin feeling dry/tight. The Hada Labo foam cleanser (160ml) contains a little bit more than the Aquamoist (150ml). However, the Hada Labo user must wear sunscreen after using the cleanser because the alpha hydroxy acids can leave the skin being sensitive to the sun. If I had to choose between the two, I would probably still go for Aquamoist instead because of the moisturising benefit from the hyarulonic acid in the formula =D. 

Now for the moisturing lotions. Aquamoist actually have a few lotions but I'll pick out my fave (Vitamin C toner) and compare it to Hada Labo's best seller Super Hyaluronic Acid moisturising lotion. This time, I'll start with Hada Labo first.

Apparently a bottle Super Hyaluronic Acid moisturising lotion is sold every 4 seconds. It's very hydrating and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. The consistency is slightly thicker than water, almost like a very thin water based serum. Because it's thicker than water, it runs out faster but a few drops is enough to hydrate the entire face. The lotion is absorbed into the skin quickly and doesn't leave a sticky feeling behind. 

As for the Aquamoist Vitamin C toner (180ml), this time it contains a little bit more than Hada Labo (170ml).The consistency is water like and the main ingredient of the product is vitamin C this time. It is absorbed quickly into the skin and leaves the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Vitamin C is great for skin cell renewal and keeps the skin looking glowy and radiant. 

My preference: The products are very different in nature (one being water based and other serum based) but they both give excellent moisturising benefits. They actually can't really be compared since they are different but at the same time, you wouldn't use these products together. You would pick one and that would be your lotion/toner. I already have the hyarulonic acid from my cleaser and essence so I wouldn't mind getting extra vitamin C on my skin instead but the Hada Labo lotion IS much more hydrating for the skin. I really can't choose XD. They are both really good products.

They are both fantastic brands but on a whole, I do prefer Aquamoist products just a little bit more than Hada Labo
. Some products from Hada Labo is just too rich for my skin. It really is about preference and the condition of your skin. If my skin was drier- the verdict would be different for sure. I probably would've gone for Hada Labo if this was the case. 

Although Aquamoist do have a bigger range of products, they just don't seem to be as popular as Hada Labo. I've see a lot of Hada Labo commercials on TV and lots of promotions but I've never really seen an Aquamoist commercial before. Until today, I still don't know if they have the same creators since they are sooo similar in packaging (if you notice the bottle, they have the same 6 japanese letters at the front in both AM and Hada Labo) but content wise- they are different (kind of... lol). I would personally reccomend Hada Labo to people with dry or normal skin. As for Aquamoist, even if your skin is dry, normal or oily - you can still use it. Either way, I would recommend all the products I mentioned in this post. Thumbs up all the way. Affordable and effective. Better than a lot of pricy serums, lotions and cleansers on the market (in my opinion that is lol). 

I hope this was helpful guys!

Remember: This review/comparison is based upon my own experiences and opinions. The products may work differently for you. We all have different skin types so we have different requirements in deciding what makes a skincare product good.

Much love, Bubz xx



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