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Olay Regerist Micro Sculpting Serum Review

Hey everyone,


Today I will be reviewing the Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum. I have been using this product for a while now and if you guys have watched my recent skincare routine video - you would've seen me use this product already. I just want to say, I FREAKING LOVE THIS SERUM!!!

I've tried most of the Olay regenerist range and while I'm also fond of their essence water and eye concentrate - it's the micro sculpting serum that impresses me the most. I cannot go through a day without using this serum. It feels like heaven on my skin. No joke.

Before this serum, I used a pretty expensive serum from AHC and then before, I used the SKII one which was again, pretty pricey. Now they are good products but I still wanted to hunt for an even better product that gives better results. I guess I was happyish with their performance but I wasn't in love with them if you know what I mean. Despite seeing this product on shelves a lot, I never took much notice of it. In fact, I only really came across this product by luck because I was given a sample sized serum to try from my drug store. 


Location & Price
I purchased my micro sculpting serum from my local Watsons. I know this brand/range can be found in many drugstores and even supermarkets so it's a pretty accessible range. As for pricing, even though Olay is considered a drugstore product  for a lot of people - I wouldn't say it's that much cheaper than branded skincare products (here in Hong Kong anyway). Especially for the Regenerist range, I would consider it more towards the high range rather than drugstore. The serum cost HK$240 which is about US$35 
which isn't exactly cheap but I was very happy to pay the price since it was a lot cheaper than my precious serums. 

First time trying out this product
Like I said, I only decided to try it out because it was given as a free sample to me. It actually just sat on top of my bathroom sink for several days before I decided to try it out. The first thing I noticed was the texture. It had a very smooth silky texture and the consistency is almost gel like. There was a little scent but it didn't bother me too much. The serum was very easy to blend into the skin. It's not too watery nor too thick and a little goes a long way. My face felt instantly felt hydrated and I liked how my skin didn't feel sticky or heavy. The sample tube had enough for me to test for almost a week  and I can honestly say that after a week of trying out this product - my skin looked firmer and smoother. Needless to say, I gave in and purchased the full size (50ml) bottle later that week.

When I googled the serum, I was surprised to find out it's packaged differently than mine. Maybe the packaging for Olay products are different in Hong Kong. They have the same name and amount of product. Hopefully the formula is the same? *shrugs*


It comes in a form of a pump bottle which I appreciate for hygiene reasons. One pump gives the perfect amount for an overall application for the face. However, the top part of the pump actually falls off pretty easy so be careful you don't lose the top or that will be a hassle squeezing out your product. 


After using this serum for the past few months, I can say that my skin feels and looks a lot firmer and tighter. I love how hydrating this serum is. In fact, sometimes I even skip moisturizer because I feel there is no need to use it. It doesn't clog my pores and it absorbs almost instantly. My face is kept hydrated throughout the entire day and most mornings, I would wake up to glowing skin. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. It helped to minimise the dry lines on my forehead and retain elasticity in my skin. Every morning and night, I would lightly rub the serum between my fingers and pat the product on my skin and it feels amazing. I would then massage my forehead and cheeks so the serum works it's max. I would definitely recommend this product for sure. I have already gone through two bottles and I will be getting back ups soon. I keep my little sample sized serums on hold because I know they will come in handy for travel. Out of 5 stars, I give it 5/5. Better than a lot of the pricier branded serums on the market. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Have a great day everybody!

Much love, Bubz xx


Note: This review is based on my own personal experience. Remember, we all have different skin types so it may work differently for you. 

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