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Maybelline Mineral BB Mousse Review


This new revolutionary product has been advertised heavily all over Asia recently. I immediately wanted to try it out because I was so intrigued with the concept of "light & poreless" skin. They released a pure mineral foundation a while back and I was pretty happy with it's performance. I'm also a fan of the pure mineral concealer so to be honest, I had high hopes for this BB mousse. Afterall, I have never tried or seen a BB cream that applies in a form of mousse. Sounds interesting. 

I headed into my local drugstore and literally spent a good 5 minutes inspecting the bottles hoping to find 'shade information' until a sales assistant came by to ask if I needed help. I don't know if this is true or not but she ended up telling me that it only comes in one shade. The BB cream is supposed to adapt to our skin tone. Fair enough... 


It comes in a form of a can. As always with spray cans, an disadvantage is of course not being able to see the contents inside. Other than that, nothing much special about the packaging. 

I realised that you have to release the nozzle real quick because A LOT of product comes out. Don't be fooled of the mousse texture because you WILL realise that a quick pump is more than enough. I was recommended to apply the product with my hands but I had such a hard time. It didn't apply smooth and it was extremely difficult to blend. It didn't spread evenly across my face because it dries pretty quick. I honestly didn't feel the 'lightness' that was promoted. I was slightly disappointed.


After several times trying to work the product with my hands, I decided to experiment with makeup brushes and I realised that using a fluffy soft brush works best. This way, it applies evenly and smoother. The mousse dissolves into a thin liquid consistency (kind of like airbrush makeup fluid) and surprisingly worked alright. My pores appeared smaller and my face didn't look caked which was good but it still didn't feel 'light' on the skin. I was pleased about the colour actually adapting to my skin tone too. 

An hour or two later, after giving my dog a bath and drying her off - I remember glancing briefly at the mirror and suddenly thinking "HUH? Why do I look so tan?" I thought it was the lighting in the living room so I walked into the bathroom to inspect my face with proper lighting. My face was at least 2 shades darker than the rest of my body. The makeup oxidizes SO MUCH. I couldn't believe how dark my face was and this is supposed to be a BB cream? It's supposed to have SPF 30 so I was surprised with the colour pay out. 

To be fair, I really haven't tested it too long but I know it's long enough for me to decide I can't wear this product out anymore.


  • Really does minimize appearance of pores
  • Decent oil control 
  • Gives my skin a dewy healthy look
  • Decent coverage

  • Cons:
  • Can be difficult to apply. Streaks with fingers. A fluffy brush works best (for me)
  • Oxidizes like there is no tomorrow
  • Doesn't feel that 'light' 
  • Too much product is pumped out each time
  • Lacking variety of shades
  • MUST be set with powder
  • If water touches your face, the bb mousse will run!! No joke!!! Face CANNOT get wet. 

I think the concept of the product is pretty neat but it's not there yet. It feels like an unfinished product. Would be nice if there's more shades. It's not a bad bad product but I don't think I'll be repurchasing.  I'm just disappointed because it actually applies quite nicely but the oxidizing totally ruins the results. I don't recommend this if you have pale skin but if you are more on the tanned side- this product could work for you I guess. I would give this product 2 out of 5 stars. 

Note: As always, this review is just based on my own honest opinions. Remember we are all different so it may work differently for you. I wish I have a comment option so you guys can let me know your thoughts on this product. 

Much love, Bubz xx


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