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Creme De La Mer Review

Note: This is an honest review from my own opinions. Remember everybody is different so this product may or may not work for you. We're all different with different expectations/needs so results are different for everybody. Ps. I've must'ved said the word 'different' a hundred times tehehe....


Hey everybody,

Today I'm reviewing the famous Creme De La Mer face cream. This is definitely the most expensive skin cream I have ever purchased. I have heard many great things about this cream and although I always find myself stopping by the La Mer counter in curiosity, I always walk away because the range is far too expensive. This cream is "legendary" and apparently Jennifer Lopez and Kate Moss slather this bad boy all over their bodies. YOU SERIOUS? Dayummm girl ($_$).

I've purchased the pore minimising lotion for my mum as a gift before (for some reason, I rather dish out for my loved ones than myself x_X) and she told me it didn't do much for her but I was still always curious about 'Creme De La Mer'.


When I was in New York, I didn't spend as much as I thought I would since StyleHaul covered most of travelling and food expenses. With money to spare and being on 'holiday mode', I thought I'll spoil myself by trying out the La Mer cream. The sales guy was really nice and he really knows how to sell. I asked him "What makes La Mer so good?" No joke, he spent 5 minutes talking about the inventor of the product and the history and everything lol. In a nut shell...

Basically, the creator of La Mer was an aerospace physicist  for NASA. Apparently after a lab accident, he suffered severe burns on his face. He couldn't find a single product that could treat his burns so he spent the next 12 years to perfect a skincare product that miraculously healed his skin. 

So when you hear this, obviously you will think WOW! This guy isn't just some dermatologist! He is a SCIENTIST! And burns? The cream managed to heal his burns? That sounds insane. So the sales guy reccomended me to buy the 2oz jar (bit my tongue and paid the $250) and he said it should last me around 6 months. 

Ok first negative is of course the price lol. At $250, I had high exceptions for this product. 

First time application
The cream itself is very thick. They have a gel formula but my skin was extremely dry (and poor) in New York so I was advised to try the cream version. You're supposed to take a pea sized amount and warm it up with your fingers to activate the ingredients and then pat the face in pressing motions. My face smelt good but it had a slight uncomfortable sticky feeling. It didn't irritate my sensitive skin so that was a good factor. I slept and the morning after, my face did feel more hydrated.

My review on the product
Honestly, for the price of $250 it really felt like I was applying gold on my skin lol. The results it gives just isn't up to the price. For $250, you can have SEVERAL professional skin treatments for obvious salon worthy skin results. In my opinion, it just works as an ordinary moisturiser with a designer name. It didn't make my face feel firmer nor did it help the fine lines in my forehead. I started to get more blackheads since using this cream too. While it FEELS moisturising, it's hydration is so-so for me. Maybe this is due to my sensitive dry skin but this cream is supposed to be able to heal burns. I'm half way through my tub already and it's only been 7-8 weeks but the guy said it was supposed to last 6 months. I only apply twice daily with the recommended amount . The formula is quite dated and thus the results it gives isn't up to my expectations I guess. I will definitely finish up this jar but I doubt I will be repurchasing. There are plenty of moisturisers that offer better hydration and skin benefits at a fraction of this product's price. I feel bad by giving it a poor review but not impressed with this product. Out of 5 stars, I'll probably give this 2/5. 

What do you guys think? Have you guys tried La Mer before? What are your thoughts? 

Much love, Bubz xx


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