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Got itchy dry skin?


Today we will be reviewing the 'Physiogel AI Lotion'. My skin went through quite a horrible reaction a few weeks ago (and also recently) causing my sensitive skin to become even more sensitive. My skin was red, itchy and scaly (eek) and normal moisturisers failed to hydrate my skin. My face ata up my moisturisers and lotions in MINUTES. So I went on the search for an EFFECTIVE hypoallergenic lotion that would solve my troublesome skin.

I have tried many and it all narrowed down to the Physiogel AI lotion and the 'Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra hydrating lotion'. To be honest, I used the Cetaphil one first and gotta say, even though it was very moisturising - I felt that it was actually irritating my skin. My face actually looked much redder after application and my face still itched. It said it doesn't clog pores but I did break out from it because it was so rich and thick. Plus, it has that 'medical' scent that I really don't like.

Needless to say, I prefer the Physiogel one MUCH more and yes, this will be a positive review. 


What is Physiogel AI Lotion?
"Physiogel AI Cream is a hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, moisturizing cream that helps balance the skin inadequate supply of ENA for protection against free radicals and negative environmental influences to prevent premature aging. It also helps reduce itching, skin irritation and redness.

Physiogel AI Cream is the only cream that contains PEA that is clinically proven to relieve symptoms of atopic dermatitis like redness, itching and dryness. PEA is an anti-inflammatory fatty acid compound found naturally within the skin. Skin suffering from atopic dermatitis is found to be PEA deficient." - from Physiogel. 


• Helps protect skin from free radicals
• Regenerates skin protective barrier
• Helps to relieve redness in dry, sensitive skin
• Non-comedogenic and fragrance-free


My experience with this product
The first thing I noticed about this lotion was the lightness of the lotion. The consistency was very runny so I questioned it's ability to hydrate my skin. Once applied to my itchy red face, it was very easy to spread across the face and didn't feel heavy or sticky. My tight dry face felt soothed instantly and unlike the Cetaphil lotion, my face didn't appear even more red. The best thing about this lotion is that it actually helped to ease my itchy skin. This is incredible because my itchy skin caused me to go into a frenzy and it was impossible (literally) for me not to scratch. 

The formula is very unique because it contains natural lipids that mimics those found in the epidermis and therefore regenerates the skin lipid barrier. This means it helps to fight the skin from losing moisture and protects the skin from environmental triggers. I don't just use this for my face, I use it on my body too so this is the ONLY lotion that I use for face and body. I'm very happy for this product and will continue to use it for sure. My skin has recovered a lot since then but I will continue to use it just because it does a great job hydrating my skin.

Who would I recommend this to?
Anybody! Whether you have normal skin or extremely sensitive red itchy skin, I promise you will love this lotion. Puts every other lotion to shame.

Where can you find this product?
I bought this from my local Watsons at the pharmacy counter so you should be able to find this product at your local pharmacys.

Honestly, I can't really remember how much exactly it was but I THINK it was around HK$200 for 200ml. 

So I hope you guys found this review helpful. Just a little reminder, I was not asked to review this product so all opinions are honest as always. My skin is so sensitive these days that I only cleanse my skin with oatmeal now. I will make a video on cleansing face with oatmeal soon for you guys ^_^

Much love, 

Bubz xx

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