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BB Cream Overview

It’s been a while since I last wore foundation simply because these days, I just prefer BB cream so much more. I promised you guys that I’ll make a BB cream overview video but I thought meh, why not do an entry as well? ^_^

What is BB Cream?
BB Cream, also known as Blemish Balm (or beblesh balm) is a cosmetic product that was originally formulated in Germany. Patients who just received laser surgery used it and it would provide protection to the skin while also providing coverage. It grew very popular in South Korea and soon, it exploded all over Asia.

BB cream provides moisture, protection, coverage and can even improve the texture of the skin. These days, BB creams come in many different formulas; some even out skin tone, some help acne, some provide wrinkle improvement etc.

Most BB creams contain SPF, (some contains LOTS of SPF) which means whilst it will protect your skin from harmful UV rays, it can also make your skin ghastly. This is my only disadvantage with some BB creams, the fact that it can be ‘too light’ on the skin. I really hope that BB creams will have more ‘shades’ for different skin tones one day. Nonetheless - let’s get to the BB cream overview.

Skin 79 Triple Function BB Cream (Super Beblesh Balm)

This BB cream is highly raved about so I decided to try out this little baby. I’m not surprised why it's so raved about because this BB cream does everything a BB cream is supposed to do. Coverage is great and it blends beautifully. Can be applied using a brush or fingers; both works fine. It doesn’t get oily on the skin which is a good factor since I feel most BB creams tend to do this. Doesn’t feel sticky or heavy yet keeps the skin feeling moisturized. It isn’t ‘too white’ like most BB creams which is again good for me.

It's supposed to have whitening properties. I can’t really tell if it does because my face has always been pale as far as I can remember. Although I really feel that it has helped to lighten my acne scars a little. It's supposed to have wrinkle improvement but I don’t really know about that yet. Like most BB creams - once applied on the face, it can look ‘ashy’ but when it oxidizes, it looks great.

Skin 79 Super Beblesh Balm (Gold Label)

I picked this one up when I was buying the Triple Function one (as explained above) because I wanted to try it out and compare if they're any different. I LOVE this one because whilst I can say that this BB cream does everything the BB cream above does - I can definitely say that this BB cream has helped to tone up my skin. It doesn’t look cakey on the skin and it also gives a flawless finish thanks to its great coverage. I really feel that this BB cream has improved the texture of my skin in terms of fading dark spots and minimizing fine lines. I would definitely also recommend this BB cream too.

Lioele Triple the Function BB cream

When I first tested this on my hand, I thought this BB cream will be super heavy and thick. But surprisingly when I used it - I realised that a little really goes a long way. A tiny little pea sized amount spreads like a dream across the skin providing excellent coverage. It doesn’t look ‘too pale’ like most BB creams and gives the complexion a healthy dewy finish. It doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on the skin. I think this BB cream is buildable but I have to say that it doesn’t look too great when applied with fingers. It looks best applied using a foundation brush. Would recommend this if you are looking for coverage for sure.

Missha Watery BB cream

Another one of my faves because the consistency is so watery and light, perfect for days where you don’t want to wear much makeup on your face. It works best when applied with fingers and it looks extremely natural. It may be light but it's definitely buildable. Feels moisturizing, airy and light. I recommend this BB cream if you're just looking for something to even out the redness in your face or if you’re not a fan of ‘strong coverage’. I know Lioele has a water based BB cream but in my opinion - this one works much nicer and provides better coverage.

Lioele Water drop BB cream

I really enjoyed my Missha Watery BB cream and I love my Lioele Triple Function BB cream so I had high hopes for this product. While I can say that it's very moisturising and can brighten the complexion - there is barely any coverage. I tried to build up the coverage but I think it's more of a dewy healthy skin product. I think it'll look great if you already have great skin but looking for an extra boost but if you have lots of acne scars - it may not be the product for you. I like how the product feels on the skin though. It’s not too oily and it feels very comfortable.

Skinfood Gold Caviar Collagen BB Cake

First of all, I don’t use these types of BB creams anymore because I feel that they aren’t too hygienic. But in a nutshell - I don’t really like this BB cream. The cream texture feels too thick on my skin and I find it difficult to blend. Not good for dry skin because it can look flakey and not good for oily skin because it feels a bit heavy and sticky. Coverage is alright though but other than that - not much to say about it.

Missha Cover BB Balm Pact


Again, these types of compacts aren’t exactly too hygienic because it requires you to keep dipping the puff in and out (which causes dirt & bacteria to be traveled into the product). I guess they're handy though since they have large mirrors and built in ‘puffs’ for application. This BB cream isn’t too bad though. It's quite creamy when applied to the skin but once blended; it spreads easily into a liquid consistency. It has nice coverage and because it’s buildable, it doesn’t look too cakey (unless you pile loads on your face).

Laneige BB cream

I was so excited to try this product because I love Laneige cosmetics - but I was very disappointed. Even though I bought the ‘natural shade’, it was still TOO WHITE on my skin. Made me look like a ghost. It also has some sort of shimmer in it and while some may dig it - I looked like Edward Cullen. I know lots of women in Asia love the milky white dewy complexion but this bb cream didn’t do much for me. I do like the texture though, it gives a nice amount of coverage but it’s just a shame because the colouring is way off for me.

O’Slee Rosehip Flawless HD BB cream

I bought this because the word ‘HD’ stood out to me. What's good about it is that it lasts very long because it is sweat and waterproof. However, I don’t know if its just my one but the texture is not very consistent because sometimes a lot of liquid will squirt out and sometimes it comes out thicker. Can be used to even out skin tone but doesn’t provide the best coverage. It’s not the best BB cream in terms of performance but it's great for the beach because it will work better than most tinted moisturisers and foundations. 

Missha Signature Real Complete BB cream


I HATE THIS BB cream (lol). Felt heavy, sticky and looked ashy. My skin was so ashy and itchy with this product and it made me break out. I didn’t want to believe it was the product so I kept trying this product after a period of time. Yup - my skin doesn’t like this bb cream. Packaging is pretty though ~ but me no likey!

So that’s my overview of some bb creams for you guys. Please bear in mind that everybody is different and whilst some may prefer heavier coverage, some prefer sheer finishes. I’m just making opinions of these BB creams based on my own experiences so I can’t speak for everybody of course . We all have preferences and we all know makeup is subjective and some products aren’t for everybody’s taste.

Until next time, stay well everybody!

Much love,


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