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Vampires of Hong Kong

Hey guys,

Just woke up from a nap not long ago so feeling very pumped up and refreshed. First off, I am so glad you guys are liking the new website. Phew! That is one big load off my mind. Content is still being added on each day so bear with me. So what has been happening lately? Well my big sister and her boyfriend left for Australia yesterday. They have never even been in the country before and they left everything behind for a fresh start in Sydney. I have the biggest respect for them because they were actually working in very well paid jobs in London but decided to go for a change of scenery. I mean, why not? They are still very young and if you want to travel, definitely do it young. It reminds me of how my boyfriend & I left everything behind to leave for Hong Kong. Sob Sob... the memories. But I have faith that they will be alright and hopefully I'll see my sister again for Chinese New Year when she visits me in Hong Kong tehehe.

Lately, I keep getting mosquito bites and it started when I went into Tai Po to have dinner with my grandparents. One bite is all it takes for more mosquitos to come sucking for more =_= Moquitos are definitely the 'vampires of Hong Kong'. They say you shouldn't scratch your bites because it causes them to become infected but I must've scratched during my sleep because I woke up to a swollen calve. It's not allowing my leg to get good blood circulation so it feels numb and sore. Had trouble getting down the stairs thanks to this baby. Mum shouts at me (don't all asian parents do this) for wearing shorts but WHO ON EARTH CAN WEAR LONG TROUSERS IN THIS HOT CLIMATE? x_X


It's actually a lot better today. It's definitely smaller but now it's become dark purple which sounds worrying but at least the itch is gone. Some people have suggested that I see a doctor but they all tell/give me the same thing and most times, I just have to let it out of my system. So to everybody who will be visiting Hong Kong for Summer, beware of mosquitos lol. Especially when it rains because when you walk into puddles (with sandles or flip flops), your ankles will pay for it and ankles are one of the worse places to get bitten. I recommend using anti-moquito body wash if you're not a fan of repellent wipes/sprays. My good friend Mel (Labellemel31) recommended me to rub the inside of a banana skin to stop itching.

So what else? Hmm...Went to see a mortgage advisor the other day and OH MY GOSH, I was so bored. When she started talking about numbers, my brain just shut down and went blank. I felt so bad because she was being so nice and helpful but for some reason, my brain refuses to absorb anything to do with numbers. I do know that I have to pay another 20% of the apartment as down payment and pay manufacturers for stock fees next month. This means I have to be wise with money for the next few months since pursestrings need to be tightened now. But all in all, it's all good because we all have to work towards something.

Chubbi is sleeping next to me right now as we type. She's so cute because she's sleeping in the most awkward position ever. Actually, it's the sleeping position of how I sleep. I had to take a picture for you guys. 

My face is getting better and less red now. It started to peel today (as bad as it sounds, it's a good sign) and after exfoliation, it feels less rough. I have been quite self conscious these few days but realised I shouldn't let some red patches stop me from having fun. The super dryness has actually caused my forehead to break out in tiny pimples. Everytime my skin is too dry or irritated, tiny little pimples scatter all over my forehead. Sometimes when you THINK you have oily skin, realise that it's probably because your skin is dry on the inside. I have taken some pictures of my skin so I'll probably show you guys in a separate article next time. Ok, time to go now so take caand I'll speak to you soon ^_^ 

Loving this song at the moment. I love IU! This MV is too cute!


I thought I'll sign off this diary post with a picture. It was taken about a week ago when my face was non-peeling and dry sob sob... lol... Oh well, heal skin! Heal baby!

Much love,

Bubz xx

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