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Welcome everybody!

Hi Bubbiful ones!

Welcome to the new Bubzbeauty website! I have been waiting for this day for so long!!! It’s finally here and I can’t even believe it! While trying to juggle between work, Youtube and my own free time, I’ve been working super hard alongside for a new website for you guys. I started to write content for this site months before this new website was designed. 

First off, big thank you to my big sister Claire and future brother in law (tehehe) Kevin for designing and building this kick ass website for us. Also want to thank Tim for all the endless hours entering all the content into the site and teaching me how to update entries myself. We put blood, sweat and tears to create the perfect place for you to chill and browse online ^.^

Hopefully this will now be your own personal space for you to browse for everything Beauty, hair and fashion related.

Now that I’m able to update the website myself, I will be updating diary entries, makeup articles, beauty articles, hair inspiration, trends I’m loving, hauls, reviews and so much more regularly. If you browse the site now, you will see that there is already TONNES of content ready for you to read. Note: Content is still being added each day (as it takes time) but all diary entries are up to date. 

You guys can also submit questions now and I can answer them on a weekly basis by selecting your questions whether it's beauty, hair, fashion related or even general. I am no expert but I hope you can see me as a friend who is willing to listen and will offer friendly advice.

I will keep this entry short so you guys can have a chance to explore the site. Let me know what you think and remember to let me know if you have any fun suggestions for the site. Your thoughts mean the World to me. Happy browsing!


Much love,

Bubz x

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