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Happy Easter everybody =)

Today is a very special day and I remember waking up feeling refreshed and energized. In about 15 minutes, it will be Easter Sunday and this not only means I get to eat my Easter Eggs but I also get to smile about this holiday.

When I was young, I did not understand what Easter was about. I sat in class and had no idea why we were all painting eggs but it was a lot of fun. When I got a bit older, I got excited for Easter because there was Easter Holidays, which meant getting off school for 2 whole weeks wohoo.

Now I get excited not because of the chocolate eggs or holidays, but to celebrate the meaning behind the Holiday. Behold, Jesus has risen from the grave.

I know Youtube is very touchy on the topic of Religion. I tell you another ‘Guilt’ feeling I felt. I made a video called ’13 questions’ the other day and I actually briefly talked about some Christian books that I have been reading along with my new life motto which is ‘As long as He sees my Heart’. You know what guys? Before I uploaded that video, I actually comtemplated about taking off that part incase it would offend any of you guys. But I had this guilty feeling within me. Why should I be ashamed of my Faith? I shouldn’t be ashamed of Jesus. I shouldn’t care about what other people think. I thought about my life motto, “As long as He sees my heart’ and I went out and shared my Faith.

Because this is my personal website, I can confide and write anything in my heart but I also hope that you guys will respect what I write. I hope you guys know I’m not trying to offend you or tell you that you are living life wrong. I just want to be honest with why I’m so happy and I guess this blog is personal to me so I would like to read back and reflect upon what I write for myself aswell.

Good night everybody! I hope you all have a beautiful Easter!


Chubbi wants to wish you all a Happy Easter too ^.^

Much love,

Bubz xx

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