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Opportunity with a popular broadcasting company

Yesterday I had a chance to visit a very popular TV broadcasting company headquater. I’m not going to name the company but I’m sure you guys know who I’m talking about since you know where I’m located right now ^_~

I was lucky enough to be invited to meet the producer of an upcoming show and they wanted me to be a guest host for their show. At first, I was very excited about the opportunity because I grew up watching this broadcasting company with my family. I get to be on television and share my beauty interest nationwide. But as the hours passed by, I started to feel an uneasy feeling within me. I trust my instincts very much and I remember sitting in silence trying to figure out why I felt so uncertain.

Nonetheless - I always say I am ‘willing to learn and willing to try’ so I spoke to the executive script writer and agreed to a meeting with the producer. I just told myself ‘we'll see what happens’.

My friends and family were pretty excited for me as they felt this can open up doors for me but I still have this uneasy feeling within me.

The night before the meeting, I actually did some praying (as I always do before bed time) and I told the Lord that I’m feeling nervous and afraid. I felt Him tell me:

“Lindy, I love you. Don’t worry for I will be with you today, tomorrow and Forever. You have always been someone who is afraid of change. When you like a dish, you will continue to trust in it and eat the same dish instead of trying out something new in the menu. What you don’t know is that you are also great at adapting to change. You are scared because you feel you might not be enough for this path. Do not fear because I will always love you. You don’t need to be breathtakingly beautiful, successful or rich for me to love you.”

I immediately felt refreshed and despite I was twisting and turning in bed for hours, I drifted to sleep soon after praying with the Lord.

That’s right, He loves me the way I am and I don’t need to worry because no matter what happens, I know I will be just fine. Nothing can take away the Love that He has for me. When I told Him that I’m confused about this path, He told me to go to the meeting tomorrow and just try for myself. I will find an answer then, and He was right.

I arrived at the Headquarters feeling excited because all of the entertainment of Hong Kong happens right here! I saw the TV broadcast mascot on the building and I squirmed inside.

I was led into the huge building and we entered into the ‘Entertainment’ segment where I passed large rooms of offices before I arrived into the meeting room. Inside was a big long table with lots of chairs seated by the people who are the brains of the show.

Long story short about the meeting, it went very well. They were definitely interested in having me on the show but I realised they didn’t just want me for one episode, they wanted me in the show more. Was I ready for this?

When I left the Headquaters and passed through the MASSIVE warehouse of props, I had this feeling of disappointment within myself.

It took over an hour to get home from the broadcasting headquarters and it was in this amount of time I realised everything. Infact, my boyfriend and I had a delicious meal together to celebrate the fact that I realised what I want.

It wasn’t that I was afraid that I would not be good enough.

It wasn’t because I was afraid of change.

It was because I knew that being on nationwide TV isn’t the path for me. Even if it is “an opportunity of a lifetime”, it doesn’t mean anything to me. Don’t get me wrong, everybody was very nice in the meeting. It’s more of me not wanting to change because I got a feeling they wanted to change how I am. To be very honest, I feel bad for saying this but I actually don’t believe in the show. Deep inside, I thought the show was not only all about being materialistic but also shallow. I don’t want to be part of the reason for making girls feeling inadequate about themselves whether it’s how much they weigh, what clothes they wear etc. Because this is actually the complete opposite of my channel and I’m not here to promote brands so the big companies can earn money. I will not change for anybody because I am who I am.

When I got home and shared my decision with you guys on Facebook, I felt so touched because you guys were so supportive. I actually felt so teary.

“Good on you Bubz. Do whatever makes you most happy.”

“We support you Bubz”

“Thank you for staying true to yourself”

“Never change for anybody Bubz”

Thank you so much for supporting me guys, you have no idea how much it means to me. I rather do this Youtube style than TV style because I get to communicate with my viewers. I get to learn from you guys. This is priceless to me already because what I have now with you guys is more than enough for me. You guys take me for who I am and most importantly - I can talk about absolutely everything on my channel with no limitations or scripts. I love my relationship with you guys because nothing feels as fulfilling as the feeling of knowing that you have helped somebody pick up on their confidence =) I am so happy that my little videos can make some of you smile after a long hard day. You guys teach me so much and each day, my confidence grows because of you all.

I know I won’t be able to make Youtube videos forever because we’ll all eventually move on to different things but I want to make the most out of it while the fire is burning =) I want to do this as long as it takes because it just feels so right.

I don’t need to be super famous and rich to be happy. I don’t need to drive a race car or wear designer labels to prove I’m better than others. I go to bed in my comfy little apartment feeling content because I have my awesome boyfriend, adorable puppy, a job that I love and a family that supports me. I have more than enough to get me through but the real things that make me really happy are the things that money can’t buy.

You can buy a house, but not a home.

You can buy medication, but not good health.

You can buy a bed, but not sleep.

You can buy a book but not knowledge.


I am happiest in my comfy gear, doing what I love with my loved ones.

Do you guys know what you want? Trust your instincts. Sometimes what you think you want doesn’t always turn out to be something you want.

Love you all,

Much love,

Bubz x

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