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Puppy wants Pizza!

Hey guys, hope you are all well. I haven’t really updated in the past few days because I’ve just been enjoying a little bit of quiet reading time and also spending time with friends. Nothing new has really happened these few days because I’ve just been doing the usual so not sure what I should type about hmm…

So I’m just relaxing with a Beauty Diary Red Wine mask on my face while I listen to music whilst typing ^_^ Japan was hit by another earthquake today and it saddened me to know that they are going through struggle after struggle. But I have lots of faith that they are looked after and will be alright. I’m actually reading a book called ‘Why?’ and I ordered it when I felt heartache from hearing all the badness happening around me. It’s uplifting and has opened my eyes a lot so if any of you guys have questions or is curious about Christianity, I would definitely recommend Christian author ‘Ann Graham Lotz’ because she’s amazing.

Wahhh it’s like 30 degrees tonight in Hong Kong so I am burning up. Poor chubby is fluffy all over and she’s panting so much today. I can’t believe how happy she can make me feel just by being herself. She is so cute that she can turn a bad day into a good day. I hope her little videos can make you guys smile. Here is her recent video and it’s soo cute because she wants pizza and I tease her (I know, I am evil tehehe).

She has a comfy little bed yet she likes to sleep over a dirty shoe =_= I always picked her off the shoe rack so she sleeps on her bed but a minute later, I see her sleeping on the shoe rack again.



Random pictures but I made lasagne today XD I am getting the hang of cooking these days! I actually really enjoy it and I’m hoping to learn more dishes soon. A lot of you guys made the Pesto Chicken dish that I cooked in my vlog and I’m glad you guys enjoyed it hehe.. Easy wasn’t it?

Ok, I’m going to bounce off and read a little before I bedtime. Take care everybody.

Much love,

Bubz x

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