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Ahh ^_^ This is the life

It’s been a good 5 days since I wrote a diary entry and I’m sure you guys can guess why. Yep, Chubbi has been keeping me busy but in a good way of course. I’ve had her for a week today and I can’t believe how much I love her.

She is getting potty trained and actually doing very well so I’m super proud of her. Even when I leave the apartment for like an hour, I miss her and I always rush back just to see her little face. She’s teething at the moment so she is chewing on EVERYTHING, especially socks! I don’t know what it is but maybe she just likes the smell of feet. She is always trying to nibble my toes as well (gross lol). Took her to the vet today for a little check up and very happy to hear she is healthy. I was concerned because I told the vet she is a lot smaller than her siblings but the vet said not to worry because she is healthy and as long as she is fed well and gets enough exercise, she will grow fine.


Us ready to go to the Vet ^__^ She’s so cute with her little head poking out of the doggy bag teheee…

Let me tell you that Chubbi IS very smart though. It’s only been about 7 days and she knows how to go to her doggy toilet by herself. She knows the commands ‘Come here’ and ‘Sit’ already. She’s actually sleeping on my feet as I type because like we talked before, she really likes feet. That or she finds my strawberry slippers comfy.

So here are some new pictures of her. She has gotten a bit bigger already and it’s only been a week.


Asking for a hug XD


Playing with her ball


Sneaky shot Tim took when we both napped together




Playing with my slippers

I filmed a makeup and hair tutorial yesterday so hopefully should finish editing them in 2 days time. Chubbi holds me back because she’s very clingy so I always have to wait till she naps before I get to do any work. Although I have been pretty occupied lately, I also feel that I have been very relaxed.

My books that I ordered off Amazon got here yesterday so I look forward to reading them before going to bed. Sometimes I see people read in public places such as in cafes or parks and I always tell myself I want to be one of these people one day but then I guess I’ll just be too distracted.

So anyways, it’s nearly 2am now so I should wrap up this entry.

Good night World ^_~

Bubz x

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