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The things money can't buy

Guess what? I just picked out the 10 winners of the commercial contest with Tim and it was the HARDEST THING EVER!!!!!! I shall film the winner video this week and I am very excited to show you guys the 10 winners because their videos BLEW ME AWAY!!!

I ordered some books off Amazon today and I’m actually really excited to receive them. I realised that I can’t just complain about being busy because end of the day, I DECIDE if I’m busy or not. So I’m definitely going to make loads of time so I can sit down and read. Hopefully I will kick the habit of blogging so late at night; although I kind of like writing to you guys late at night.

I uploaded a vlog video for you guys today because you guys wanted to see what I get up to and stuff. To be honest - I was a little worried because my typical day routine is pretty boring. When I’m not in meetings and in the office, I’m actually working at home a lot. I love working at home but it does mean you do a lot of over-time, but it’s all cool because I enjoy work. I even vlogged during bath time for you guys. This is how much I love you guys lol. Pretty embarrassing vlog really but then I don’t have shame and we all know that XD Lots of you guys were asking about the brushes and I’m so happy that you guys are excited for them too ^_^ I will definitely keep you guys updated with more information soon. If you haven’t seen the vlog video already, here it is for you folks!

I’m like in the most amazing mood today that I can’t even believe it. I think it’s to do with the whole ‘figured it out’ thing. I now live by the rule, as long as He sees my heart in everything I do; there is no need to explain myself to anybody to prove myself.


Boyfriend made me a killer breakfast yesterday! Was so good but it slayed me! Lol so much food! He had to make me breakfast because yesterday when we were shopping, I picked up a shirt that comes in two shades: black and white.

Me: Which do you think will look nicer on me?

Tim: Wait, doesn’t white make you look fat?

Me: =_=

So yes, he got punished big time. Anyway, my sister made this for me and I want to share it with you guys ^_^


Hmm its actually 4:22am so I’m going to wrap this up and sleep. Good night guys. I love you! Mwah!

Bubz xx

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