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Bubz gone emo O_o

Hey everybody! I have been SO EMOTIONAL lately!! I am normally never like this but must be all the natural disasters and everything coming together making me all sensitive. I apologise for being so…u know lately. SNAP OUT OF IT BUBZ!

I woke up after a good night of sleep and today I feel so much better. I just can’t stand watching people get ridiculed. It’s not that I’m trying to appear all self righteous. Today, this girl tweeted “I’m glad I don’t follow @Bubzbeauty because nobody can be this “nice”. First of all, her feeling the need to tell me this already lets me know how inconsiderate she is. But what baffles me is her thinking “I’m too nice?” Apparently disagreeing with cyber bullying makes me unreal scratches head. I breathed a sigh of relief though because I’m actually glad I don’t have these types of dark people as followers ~ soooo thankful. I don’t enjoy making other people’s lives a misery and I’m not going to apologise for standing by my opinions. If some people are “too good” for you to believe, then that is your problem. Take it or leave it =)

I showed this video response to the UCLA girl on my facebook page a little while ago and looking back now - I regret it and I feel really guilty. I shared it not to show that the girl was rude, I did it because I thought the guy was funny and his jokes made me laugh. Nonetheless, I can still see that what I did was wrong and now I FEEL like a proper jerk now. Everytime when people tell me ‘I’m their role model’, I PANIC and I FREAK because I am afraid I can’t fulfill their expectations. I think what I did is a perfect example of why you guys shouldn’t see me as a role model. YOU should be your own role model guys because you should respect yourself most.

So anyways moving on ^_^ I got to meet my dad for dinner today which was really nice. He’s actually been in Hong Kong for over 3 weeks and we only had a chance to meet tonight =_= I missed him so much and it was great to see his cute lil belly ^_^ Our table was the loudest table in the restaurant and I always enjoy watching my dad talk to his friends. They talk while spitting at the same time which was very entertaining for me XD After dinner, I decided to take a stroll in the mall. I actually haven’t shopped in a mall for weeks so it was nice walking around while letting the food digest.

So I picked up some clothes, jewelry and makeup and I thought I’ll share with you guys ^_~


I picked up these two rings because the colour gives it a nice antiquey feel. I LOVE the ‘Love’ ring because it’s just so cute. When I look at it - I smile ^_^


I thought these shorts were adorable. They would look nice in a plain vest or shirt and you guys know I’m digging neutrals right now for the season. It looks like a skirt but they’re actually shorts. Really comfy too and very cheap! I probably will match it with my own belt though.


I thought this floral layered skirt was cute. Would look nice on a shirt/tank top.


This knitted striped green loose fitting top is cute. I’ve been pretty obsessed with green lately as well!


Picked up these Mod Lashes in number 21. I never knew it’s made out of 100% human hair until I got home. Kinda freaks me out actually but I hear they’re great.


Got this Eleanor glittery gold nail polish. I love applying glitter on the tips of my nails!


This is the Cybercolor’s Gemstone palette. The colours are beautiful for Spring, and purple will always be timeless on the eyes. Although I have to say I don’t wear purple on my eyes very often…


I LOVE these Hope Girl eyeshadows because they are so soft and a dream to blend. However, sob sob…you can see one is slightly shattered (dropped it on the floor).

Mmm then I got home and uploaded my Office/Interview makeup tutorial for you guys ^_^ Youtube granted 500 of their partners $1000 worth of equipment and I was lucky enough to be one of the chosen partners so thank you so much to Youtube for their kind sponsorship. Seriously, I would NEVER have thought I would be able to get a free SLR camera. I always wanted one but they are just so expensive!!! I am still trying to figure out how to use it though so bear with me guys. Anyway, here is the video below for you guys ^_^

Mm its like 5am so I’m going off to bed! Good night world! Stay sexy wink wink

Much love,

Bubz x

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