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Sleep deprived & weight loss

Hey guys,

Ahh no good no good! I have been sleeping at 6am every night and eating one meal a day. Losing weight day by day =_= I need to eat more often in bigger amounts. So depressing because I LOVE eating and I’ve lost my appetite and it also made my stomach shrink so I don’t eat as much now. I filmed 3 videos today but I accidently deleted it so I had to re-film two videos at crazy o’clock hours lol…Such a noob Bubz! I can’t tell whether it’s the weight loss or the face roller massager thingie that is making my face smaller though. Don’t like the weight loss on my body but kind of liking the smaller face lol.

So I filmed the donations video because I finally got to make our donations to Red Cross today ^_^ Together, we raised a total of $4700! Felt really good that we did this and may Japan rise again ^_^ Although I also read quite a hurtful message from a subbie today and she accused me of making money off the donations. I don’t make a single penny guys…I don’t care when ‘haters’ accuse me this or that but when it’s YOU guys, it kind of upsets me. Just trust me ok? I’m not THAT kind of person and I will never be. I shouldn’t need to explain myself but I just don’t want any misunderstanding between us I guess.

I might film a ‘Day in the Life of Bubz’ video for you guys as requested. Honestly, my life is pretty boring in Hong Kong. I mean, in my Northern Ireland home; it'll be crazy and interesting because we got Granny Bubz and my siblings but I just work a lot in Hong Kong lol. I’m going to grocery shop/cook so I can vlog that for you guys too? Lol.

Development of Bubbi brushes are going really well. I am 100% happy with the performances of the brushes. Just need lil tweaking here and there and then I’ll be 101% happy ^_^

Ok so I’m going to go and watch some more contest entries and try and sleep earlier tonight. Received 1700ish video responses and really enjoying your entries too guys! It’s going to be so difficult choosing 10 winners aiyah x_x

Ok going to make this a short entry. Good night guys ^_~


Much love,

Bubz x

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