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It is currently 3.21am and just about finished my work for today. These few days has been an absolute WHIRLWIND!! Don’t even know where to start.

I decided to do a 24 hour charity BlogTV show to raise funds to help victims of Japan’s devastating Tsunami Earthquake. It was absolutely CRAZY looking back. I can’t believe I spent 24 hours infront of a webcam chatting to you guys. I did four sessions of 6 hour shows and I remember being SO NERVOUS because I was worried it will be awkward and we won’t have much to talk about. How wrong was I?

Everybody was 101% supportive and we talked about everything under the sun such as relationships, music, beauty, hair, fashion, conspiracies, dreams, goals, childhood, Japan, EVERYTHING I tell ya! ^_^ Time just FLEW and before we knew it - we hit the 24 hour mark together.

I really miss you guys…We spent so much time together that I really feel like I got to know you guys so much more. You are no longer just people who watch my little videos, you guys now really feel like friends to me. I finally get to see that my viewers are such generous, loving and kind people.

Just on donations alone, $3500 was raised; now that is incredible! BlogTV has generated $1000 and Save the World Tshirts generated another $200. That is a total of $4700 raised!! I was totally not expecting this and at the start, I was only to do a 24hr broadcast so people who cannot donate can just watch my show and we can generate revenue together. But on the last two shows, so many of you supported the cause by donating. To be honest, I am actually having withdrawal symptoms. We got to spend so much time together that I became needy & attached T_T It’s weird that I’ll be going to bed tonight without saying night night to you all.


I am definitely sleep deprived, lost my appetite because I got used to not eating (from focusing on BlogTV & work) and behind on my work but you know what guys? I have never felt better. Infact, I have so much energy right now powering me through. This charity show is exactly what I needed to bring myself back up again. These few weeks I have been feeling exhausted on Youtube. I sort of questioned the humanity on Youtube and felt like distancing myself away for a bit. Then you guys remind me why I make videos and show me what Love & Hope looks like. I have never ever felt so much love from “a bunch of strangers” situated around the globe.

I am just immensely touched by everybody’s dedication. So many of you stayed up till crazy o’clock hours just to support the cause. Even though many of you guys say things like ‘Bubz, thank you for doing this’, I honestly don’t think any of this can happen without you guys. We all made a difference together by supporting each other.


The World needs lots of love for our future generations. We should encourage each other and help as often as we can. Because helping is a form of happiness and we all have the ability to do it. It’s not just makeup that makes us feel beautiful. It's how you feel inside. What you learn, how you feel and how you act.

Even in an event of a tragic disaster, it has brought families closer together. We appreciate life so much more and it has made me want to make the most out of my life. I am a workaholic and I LOVE my work but I just want to be able to be with myself more. Even by picking up a book and just learning something new sounds great. I want to travel more and see the World.

Some of you guys may already know this but yes I am a Christian. I am not a mature Christian though so I am just trying to know more about God every single day. I make lots of mistakes but don’t we all? Somehow deep within me, I felt that God was calling out to me. It’s as if he was telling me “Lindy, your brothers and sisters need your help right now. It’s time to come together”. It’s not that I “have power” to use my “fame” as some people say. It’s not fame, I cringe at the word of fame. I am just blessed enough to be able to know you guys. We are all in this together and I know that we built Hope together.


Some people point fingers and say things like “Why are you only helping Japan? What about the other starving children across the Globe? What about the poor countries who have been hit by disasters?” Well, no person’s life is more significant than others. It is a tragedy that there are people suffering every single day in the World. But we must just give out as much love as we can. Instead of questioning other people - why not just think “if everybody did a part, wouldn’t the World be a happier place?” Why can’t we all just encourage each other more for our future generations to come?

Just because I don’t broadcast my donations doesn't mean I don’t do it. Even if you still disagree and think ‘Japan deserves it’ or whatever, it doesn’t matter because you cannot take away the Hope that we created together. No words can tear me down now because I am so much more than words. You are so much more than just words.

Thank you to all of the wonderful supporters in the BlogTV Charity show.

Thank you to all of the generous donators.

Thank you to those who bought the Save the World T-shirts for charity.

Thank you for just inspiring me every single day.

When BlogTV gets back to me with the Revenue Total, I will add it on to the $3500 and also to the Save the World T-shirt profits. I’ll then upload the video so we can share the experience together.

I really mean it, thank you so much guys for everything. You have no idea how much I lean on you all. As lame as it sounds - you are all my rock.

Ok 4.30am now O_O Going to finish up some more work and sleep.

Love you guys (and mean it too ><)

Much love,

Bubz xx

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