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There's Hope

Hey guys,

I felt so numb on Friday and I just didn’t feel like blogging or doing anything actually. I didn’t feel like filming or even viewing any contest entries. Japan was hit by a large earthquake today causing catastrophic damage to the country. I remember the night before, I was telling my boyfriend that Youtube can be overwhelming sometimes. I just had one of those bad Youtube days and felt down. I woke up to hear about the tragedy in Japan and suddenly ALL of the problems that I have ever had in my lifetime felt so minor and silly. Nothing is more important than your loved ones being safe from danger.

I felt useless and guilty that there isn’t anything that I can do but you know what guys? That’s not true. We can pray for these people. Pray that they will continue to be strong and not lose hope. Pray that they will let their families be their Strength. The earth is unpredictable and in a blink of an eye, everything could be taken away from you. Tonight when I lie in bed all cosy and warm, there are going to be thousands of people made homeless who may not have a home to return back to.

I decided to do a 24 hour BlogTV broadcast and all revenue made from the show will go towards relief funds to help victims of the Earthquake. I am doing four 6 hour broadcasts to raise money for charity. I did my first session today and although I'm afraid I’ll bore you guys and was super nervous in the beginning, I had the most amazing time.

You guys were immensely supportive and kept us all updated with news. So many stayed until the 6 hour broadcast was over and many stayed up until early hours in the morning to support the cause. We just chatted about everything from beauty to relationships to food to everything. Was incredible and I got to connect and bond with you all.

My throat has been hurting for days but while I was on BlogTV, I forgot all about my sore throat. My nose was bunged from a little flu but I would talk and reply you guys until I was out of breath. Tomorrow, I’ll be doing another 6 hours of broadcast so I’m drinking as much honey water as I can to soothe my throat. I will get lots of rest tonight so I’ll have lots of energy to chill with you all ^_^ Thank you again everybody; you have no idea how much this all means to me.

ALL profits made from ‘Save the World’ T-shirts will go towards relief funds as well guys. I designed this T-shirt and wore it during the show today to show my support.

Earthquakes are no strangers to Japan and they have always been prepared for natural disasters. It was incredible that the residents are so calm when being interviewed. I highly respect them. If it were Hong Kong, there would be screaming people everywhere. For now, we should stay strong and pray for Japan. I know they’ll bounce back in no time.

On a different subject, I don’t think I’ll be making beauty related videos for the next few days. Beauty is not just about knowing how to do your makeup or how to take care of your skin. Learning can keep you young and I completely agree that Knowledge is beauty.

I just want to take a step back and focus on other things that matter. These few days, I have been reflecting on myself and honestly, sometimes I feel that I take life for granted. I try to be as grateful as I can but I really want to experience life more. I have just been working and even though I LOVE working, I know I can be doing something else that is more meaningful. I could be spending so much more time on my loved ones and also for myself. Either way, my next few days are dedicated to raising funds to help victims of the Tsunami Earthquake. It’s the least I can do and I thank you all for taking part.

You, my friends are so incredibly blessed. I wish that all of you guys will wake up each morning feeling lucky that you made it another day alive and then make the most of it =) Live each day like it is your very last.


Much love,

Bubz xx

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