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Today is MY DAY!


Hello everybody!

Nothing like a quiet evening with the dogs. Tim is off to play table tennis with some friends so I'm enjoying some quality alone time. Guess what? I just put up my Christmas tree!!! I mean, it's not the biggest tree but a Christmas tree is a Christmas tree right? I think my home looks MUCH more merry already. Looking at it makes me happy. I've done some Christmas Shopping already and I can't wait to film the Gift guide video. 

For some reason, I am extra excited about Christmas this year. Tim and I aren't flying back to Northern Ireland this year so we won't be with family but somehow, I'm very much looking forward to it. Maybe it's because it's going to be Tim and I's first Christmas as husband and wife. Speaking of husband, we listened to your messages guys. We just changed the 'Boyfriend' section to 'Bubba. See? Now all Tim needs to do is write a post because he has been MIA for too long. 

I just uploaded my Fall Favourites video today. I was excited about this one because it's collaborated with Luvocracy. Remember not long ago, I made a video telling you guys I'm going to do things different? This marks the beginning. We decided to donate proceeds to Red Cross and MSF to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. We're just so happy that we can help make a difference. The revenue generated from my Luvocracy page will also all go towards Red Cross. Maybe this is what's been keeping me in good mood. Lately I've been waking up extra happy for NO reason at all. This type of happiness is the best. 

Hopefully I will finish editing another video tonight. I'm excited about this one because it's all about Worrying and Stress. I really comtemplated whether I should make this video since I've always been such an anxious stressball but these few weeks, I really feel like my eyes have been opened. Realising what stress is doing to my health, my future and myself really changed my world so hopefully you guys will find the video helpful.

I hear back home (in UK), a masive snow storm is approaching. Infact, it's so bad that it's supposed to be the worst in 60 years. Yikes! Please please wrap up my UK friends and stay hydrated. At least it will feel Christmassy back home?

Oh, encase you missed it. Here is my latest video from my vlog channel. It's a Twitter Q&A. Let's make this a monthly thing. I had so much fun answering your questions. 


Watch my latest vlog:


Anyways, let's end the diary post by showing you guys my week in pictures



I've been playing table tennis too. I only started to get into it and Tim is such a hard ass when he's trying to teach me. Who knew table tennis can actually make you work up a sweat? 



We took the dogs to Penfold park in the weekend. While Chubbi gets anxious about being surrounded by other dogs, Domo LOVES the attention. The little rascal kept disappearing on me because he was too busy making friends. We captured some vlog footage actually. You guys will see hehe. 



Happy smiler needs a haircut...again! His fur grows so so fast!



Lunch with my girlies. The girl in the right? It's been 6 years since we've seen each other. It was super nice catching up like old times. The waitress spilt hot tea all over me though so I had a wet bum for the rest of the day. 



Happy us with bizarre looking Christmas Tree



Last night we were watching a movie and I just had to snap up this picture of Chubbi. She is always super happy when she's sitting with Tim. Such a daddy's girl. 



I've been having good skin days lately. It's definitely the almond mask and my jasmin oil!



Tim and I had dinner with friends a few nights ago. When Tim got home, we looked at each other in shock because we were totally matching!!! What are the chances? XD No wonder I'm married to this man. Hard to believe we've been married for over 3 months already. Time sure flies ^__^. 



 I couldn't resist but buy this notebook. I have a habit of writing out my prayers into a book each night before I go to bed. I write everything I'm thankful for and everything I am praying for. My book I was using was given free from the post office so I was so excited to write in a brand new one. It's my favourite thing to do before bed time and it puts me in a good mood too. Every time I open this book, I realise another day has gone and what a blessed day it has been. With troubles or without troubles, I feel lucky to have made the day =) You know what? This moment you have right now. You'll never ever get it back so enjoy it!


Have an awesome week guys!


Much love, Bubz xx






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