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Twitter Q&A (Series 2)


Hi everyone!

Guess what? It's time for another Ask Bubz post. Here are some questions you guys sent in through Twitter. Some are amazing questions.




1. Not to rush you having kids, but do you want them? Have you thought about what gender you would like to have? And names?

It's kinda funny because Tim and I do often talk about what we will name our children. Of course we want kids one day! I already know Tim willbe such a wonderful father. Sometimes I walk past baby clothing stores and I see the cute outfits for girls and I want a girl. But then I also want a big brother in the family too. We really don't mind as long as baby is healthy =) We already know what we want to name our children but want to keep as surprise for you guys for now tehehee! But yeah, before Tim and I got married- all people asked was when we're getting married. Now that we are married, people always ask when we're having children which is kinda funny. We've only been married for 2 months so would like some quality newlywed time before thinking of babies. All in good time =)


2. If you had a chance to meet one famous person, who would it be?

That's an easy one. LEE MIN HO!


3. Where do you get all your self esteem from?

Self esteem is not something that can be achieved overnight. It took years to build myself up from the insecure girl that I was. The second I learnt to stop caring, the more happier I felt. Would a lion care about the thoughts of sheep? By stop trying to please everybody, I accepted myself for the way I am. No matter how hard I tried, I know that not everybody will like or accept me but that's totally fine. You can be the most sweetest ripest delicious peach and there will always be someone who won't like peaches. I put all my focus concentrating on people who matter to me. I shift my focus to how I can become a better person. From learning to grow a bigger heart, I then don't have as many bitter intentions. This means I have less to feel ashamed of. Self esteem largely comes from how I feel inside. When my heart is corrupted with jealousy, bitchiness and greed, my self esteem flutters away. When my heart is filled with grattitude and love, my self esteem grows.


4. What was your favourite childhood toy growing up?

I had this casette recorder called a TalkGirl when I was younger. I went through at least 3 of them. I used to write my own comic books and even recorded my own tape series. I voiced all the characters!! If only I can find these tapes again! I'm sure I would mega cringe but it will be so awesome listening to the 11 year old me who had big dreams.

5. What is the secret recipe of beauty?

Being able to love. Love others. Love yourself. Only when you can love others, you can love yourself. When you love yourself (not in a conceited way), you will charm the pants off people.

6. If you can have any superpower in the world, what would it be?

The ability to talk to animals!!!!!!!!!!!

7. If you could teach kids, what would you teach?

That's easy. I'll teach them art. I would get my apron on and make them use their hands and get messy and creative! Being an art teacher was the job I really wanted because I loved my art teachers in High School. My best friend is an assistant teacher and she tells me the cutest stories. I love children. They say and do the cutest things.

8. Tell me one of your annoying habits.

I have minor OCD. It can be tough living with me when I want things just the way they are. When my sister stayed with me last month, she would put her shopping on the dining table and without 5 minutes, I would've removed the stuff to put them in her suitcase.


9. What is your favourite thing to do when bored?

Wow! I just sat in silence for about 30 seconds realising it's been SO long since I've actually been bored. This sounds boring but I LOVE to read. I get so caught up with life sometimes, it's just nice to escape in my own little world.

10. What did you think of Tim when you first met him?

I thought "DORK!". He was trapped inside a toilet. Such a silly boy.

11. What's your favourite thing about Winter?

The feeling of being home and feeling so lucky to be sheltered and warm from the cold =) Love love love listening to the rain while I sleep.

12. If you can only save one memory, what would it be?

Knowing I am very very loved by God ^.^


I hope you guys enjoyed the answers. Thank you so much for submiting your questions. Until next time, have an awesome weekend guys (it's already Friday here).

Much love, Bubz xx

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