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Twitter Q&A (Series 1)






I can't believe it guys. As of today, we're only 3 weeks from the wedding!!! It's so scary! Where did all the time go? I wonder if I'm going to be mega stressed as time comes closer because I really haven't been doing much planning at all. I feel a little guilty but I've just been super busy. In fact, I've been so cranky this week that you will not believe it.


Even in the tiniest things ever, I feel myself just trying to stop myself from snapping at Tim. I think because I'm trying to get as much done before flying to Northern Ireland. I don't even know whether I will let myself rest then. It's making me so nervous and short fused. Not good! This is not a side of me that I'm usually familiar with. I need to wind down and start stressing less because I need my skin to be in good condition for the big day. It's ok *takes a nice relaxing deep breath* It's all good!

Before I go on with this diary post, if you haven't checked out my revent vlogs. You can check them out below!


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Ok, I just asked you guys to send me some of your questions through Twitter. Let's do a Q&A series through the blog posts shall we?




Why does Tim always sleep on the couch? 

This is the number 1 asked question on the vlog channel haha. Well basically the guy is a night owl so this means he stays up during the night and sleeps most of the afternoon. Does he only sleep on the couch? Of course not lol. There's a bed in his office and also in the bedroom. When he sleeps on the couch, he can rest but he doesn't get overly comfortable meaning he won't oversleep so he can get up for work easier. Why does he stay up during the night? He works at night processing orders from ShopBubbi so by the afternoon, he can get them shipped out. Sometimes I get kind of bummed out because I feel like I don't get to spend the day with him but it allows me to concentrate on work because you guys know we play and mess around a lot. 


Do you think Youtube changed you as a person?

Yes! It has definitely changed me in many ways. Before Youtube, I definitely wasn't as comfortable in my own skin as I am today (although mind you, I still get my off days too). It's weird because when you put yourself out there in the web with no makeup and expose your flaws here and there- you let go of all these insecurities. I've learnt to love people more, even ones who hurt me. While I feel blessed to be given so many things- I also realised the best things in life are free. I think in general, I am more thankful for everything and I know for a fact that if it wasn't Youtube, I would probably be a much more bitter & miserable person. I'm finally able to do something that gives me meaning and I think it just made me feel so much more beautiful. On the otherhand, it's also influenced me in bad ways too. It's turned me into a workaholic and probably made me too dependant on the Internet. 


If you were a male for a day, what would you do?

I would lightly punch myself in the nuts to see if it really hurts that bad. Lightly because I don't want to regret it too much. 


Best thing that happened to you this week?

I watched a video that a dear dear subscriber made for me and it just uplifted me from deep within. I was happy I got to see her face and listen to her beautiful words. Felt like she was just sitting in front of me talking to me. She was so beautiful and I was just so proud of her. Happy I'm more than a beauty guru to her and honoured to be her new friend. Petra, if you are reading this- I love you so much girly! 


Would you ever move back to Northern Ireland?

Tim and I talk a lot about returning back to the United Kingdom. It's not a case of if we would but when we would. Growing up in Northern Ireland has been wonderful but we're unsure if we want to start a family there yet. We definitely don't want to raise a child here in Hong Kong for sure though. Not because Hong Kong is a bad place. We love it here and we've been living here for almost 4 years. We just want a more relaxed and spacious enviroment for our child to grow up in. We miss our friends back home as well!


Would you guys want kids? How long after the wedding?

Well even though we have been together for 10 years, we still want to enjoy married life for a little bit and do some traveling while we're young. The plan is about 1 year after the wedding but at the same time, we agreed that if a baby happens- we'll be happy too ^_^. Not sure whether we are ready though with our schedule. 


Favourite pokemon?

Hands down squirtle! Next up would be Psyduck!


Describe lee min ho in one word

MINE! Although that's not a description bwahahahaha.


How do you deal with insecurity?

I remind myself that nobody is perfect and I tell myself that no matter what I do to myself, I will never be perfect and that takes away a lot of the pressure. I am more than fine lines and some bumps here and there =) When I find 1 reason to be insecure about, I find 10 reasons to be thankful. 


What is your biggest fear?

The thought of my closest friends and family members not being saved.


I know everyone defines success differently, but how would you define it?

When you are happy doing what you love. When you are able to do something that gives you meaning. I think success isn't defined by how much money you earn. You can be rich with happiness. You can be rich from being a binman. You can be the happiest and best binman in the world =) My dogs make my life rich hehe!


What do you think of ombre hair

I think it's really pretty and I have comtemplated on getting it but I think it will be just too damaging on my hair.



Ok, so here are some of your questions answered tonight =) Thank you so much for asking these fun questions. It was mega fun answering them =) If you don't follow me on Twitter already, you can follow me here. 


I'm going to end my night with a movie now. I think we're going to watch Pitch Perfect. You guys seen it? Any good? I saw this cover on Youtube couple days ago and I was just AH-MAZED! 

If I could have one additional gift, it would definitely be singing for sure!




Tried to find a selfie to end the diary post but turns out I don't take selfies anymore. All I could find are my "annoying gym" phone pictures so this will have to do. I'm actually not pouting for the picture. I was exhaling while I was doing lifting weights on my legs. 


Have a fantastic weekend guys! Good night (or morning/afternoon depending where you are hehe)

Love Bubz xx




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