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My Fitness Process, Honeymoon Destination, Wedding and BABIES?



I don't know if you guys have ever heard of the TVB drama "Triumph in the Skies" but to me, it was one of the best TVB productions and it took 10 years for them to release "Triumph of the Skies 2". I'm watching the pilot episode as we speak. That is how much I love you guys hehe. 

Before I go on, here are my recent vlogs if you haven't seen it already:

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As of today, we are less than 4 weeks until the big day! I have to admit we still haven't done very much wedding planning but we have been buying a bunch of wedding stuff lately. Some of you already know, I also picked up my wedding dress too. Granted I was a little disappointed with how they made my dress (if you watched my vlog, you will also know I kinda tore it apart). Nonetheless, I'm now happy with a simpler design and end of the day- a dress is just a dress. What I'm excited for is that I'm about to marry the love of my life on our 10th year and 10th day together. Insert cheese. A lot of you have been telling me not to stress about it (even on the day). I promise you guys I won't. I will enjoy every single minute of it regardless what happens <3

We started to look for more details on our honeymoon (finally). We are so excited and it looks like we're heading to Tahiti which seems like such a beautiful and romantic destination. I am ashamed to say I didn't even know about this place until Tim told me. We've been working so hard lately and while it's fantastic, we cannot wait to relax and chill down. Out of excitement, I went and ordered a bikini online today. WOHOOO! 




Some of you guys have asked us if there will be a baby bubz soon. Slow down guys! Let's deal with the wedding first shall we? Tim and I both love children but with our schedule, we don't feel like we're ready for one just yet. I just want to make sure I can be the best mother as I can be so I want to give them more time. Hmm... children tend to be afraid of me too. Everytime I see a little kid, I smile at them and they make the most terrified face. Maybe because I'm smiling too enthusiastically. Can you imagine a baby Tim or a baby Bubz? Our kids will either be super nerdy or arty. They're gonna be really short with big heads XD. Either way, we are really thankful you guy have been able to share the journey with us and hopefully we will have more new beginings together. We love you guys!

Oh also, if you guys don't know already, ShopBubbi finally restocked on brush kits. I haven't announced it yet because I want to make a video talking about the brushes first but can give you guys a little heads up here ^_~ They're already selling fast!

As you guys know, I LOVE my friend Blogilate's workout videos and some of you have asked me what my favourite ones are so I'm going to list them for you. Please support her by subscribing to her channel. I promise you that you will LOVE her. My favourite videos from her are:

- Drive by Thighs (great for working thighs and also my abs)
- Call Me Maybe Squats (Become a habit for me to do this everyday now)
- Spring Fling 1 & 2
- Arms on Fire
- Back on Fire
- Love all of her HIITs

Usually I try to hit the gym at least every other day (1-1.5 hour workouts) and in between the days, I do Blogilates videos and I would rest for one day. It's been absolutely wonderful. I started off being all 'Meh... gym' but as time progressed, I began to look forward to it and if I miss a day of exercise- my body just doesn't feel right. At the begining, I wanted to slim up a bit for the wedding but once I really started to get into exercising, I just wanted to get stronger and push my limits. I know my thighs will never be 'skinny' but it's all good because I'm happy they feel stronger and look more toned. As Cassey says, exercise helps to centre me.

Here is a before and after pic from a little while back. 


It doesn't look like much of a different but believe it or not, there's 6lb difference between the pictures. 



Here is a more recent picture. I'm actually a bit heavier now but it's fine because I'm simply gaining a bit more muscle. Don't stress about your weight. 



Train like a Beast. Look like a Beauty. 


I just want to thank Cassey for being such a wonderful mentor. She has been an absolute inspiration and I'm so grateful we got to meet & hang out.

Remember guys, sure it's nice to look and feel great but being healthy should be your biggest priority. Exercising will help you sleep better and helps to de-stress your mind. Here is a post on why you should exercise and you'll be amazed with the benefits ^_^. Eat clean as often as you can (limit your processed foods) and you'll be able to melt the fat off easily. 

Ok, I'm going to work on the new video now. I'll have a new vlog for you guys tonight. I hope you guys are enjoying the frequent vlogs =)



Let's end this diary entry with a cute photo of Domo with her hair braided XD. His ears actually aren't as long as it looks guys. How adorable does he look? Wakakaka!

Have a wonderful week guys!

Much love, Bubz 




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