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My week in LA


Hi everybody!


What a beautiful sunny day! This means staying indoors and avoiding direct sunlight as much as possible lol. Hong Kong has been CRAZY HOT these days. I was enjoying the beautiful warm but breezy LA weather all week and forgot how humid & immense the weather is over here. It' serious business.

It's hard to believe that I have been back for 3 whole days already! I spent most of it catching up on sleep. I just had no idea I was that tired. I was eating so unhealthy for the entire week and it's kinda cool to see the weight dropping off already. Thank goodness because I got a wedding dress to fit into in less than 7 weeks you know?


If you haven't checked out my vlogs from my LA trip, you can catch up on them below:


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First of all, I have to thank the StyleHaul team for being such an amazing network for flying little me over and taking such good care of me. Even though I was in a whole different country, I always felt safe and secure. All the girls were super friendly and chic. It was an honour working with you guys once again. I look forward to seeing you guys again (especially you Lauren)!

When I told the girls I wanted to do a Meet & Greet, they were so supportive and even helped me squeeze the event into our busy schedule. Thank you so much Claire & Lauren for making the day extra easy. I miss you girls so much!

The Meet & Greet was one of the most amazing days of my life. I finally got to meet a bunch of you guys in real life. It meant so much to me that you guys took time and effort to see me. I met so many beautiful people with beautiful hearts that day. Even thinking about it now make me feel so lucky to have such a wonderful group of subscribers around the world. I had no idea so many of you would cry! I may have looked calm on the outside but I was panicking inside thinking "WHY ARE YOU CRYING?? DON'T CRYYY". I'm sorry if I overwhelmed any of you with my hugs as well. I was just so happy I wanted to keep hugging you guys. That night, I read your letters over and over until I fell asleep. I went on to dream about the meet & greet again. Tim was telling me how awesome it would be to read back these letters and look back at these gifts when I'm older. They are already stored safely inside a precious box ^_^.

I feel fortunate that I was able to chill with LA homies including Jason, Joseph, Clara, David, Abe, Frank, Tiffany, Jarmaine, Wendy and Mystery Man. I even finally got to meet Cutepolish ;), Heart, Arnold, Jen, Cassey, Jenny, Carly and a whole bunch of amazing people. Everyday I was meeting amazing people. 

I think at the begining of my trip, I was just super excited but as we approached the end of the week - tiredness started to kick in. At the same time, I started to meet people who seemed troubled & lost in the Youtube life. I really broke my heart and there was nothing I can say or do to make them feel better. I also met a bunch of ungenuine people. It made me feel grateful that I lived all the way in Hong Kong because I was able to do what I do but still be out of the complicated Hollywood industry. I realised while a lot of people here had fame, money and success, many were empty inside. Of course like I said before, it broke my heart to see this. However, it also made me realise how lucky and blesed I am that Tim was in Hong Kong waiting for me to come home. I already have the perfect little family to return back to. I felt blessed that I was able to see things clearly and that I was able to appreciate what really matters. Some people actually do have everything they need to be happy but cannot feel joy because their eyes are blind to it. 

I felt that God answered my prayers. Before flying over, I prayed to God to guard my heart. I prayed that He will keep me from being influenced. I felt His presence strong by my side wherever I went. It was incredible. 

So on the very last day, I was all packed up and ready to go. Then I suddenly got a phonecall from the team telling me I about a wonderful opportunity in New York. However, it required me to stay another 8 days. This is great news! But I ended up crying when I heard it. This is such a life time opportunity but why was I so bummed out about it? I think I just missed Tim & my dogs so much. I was mentally ready to fly back and suddenly, I might have to stay longer? I know 8 days is nothing lol and it's true. I think I was just emotional because T.O.M was coming haha. I think I just really needed Tim to be with me. It was too late notice to get the dogs to our doggy kennel and I really didn't want to not have a video up for you guys for a whole 2 weeks. I was talking to Cassey about it and she asked me "Well Bubz, do you think this will make you happy? Does this opportunity mean something to you?". I really thought about it. Sure it's a great opportunity. Sure it's great exposure. But does it mean anything to me? Answer was, not really. If it doesn't mean so much to me, of course it isn't going to make me happy... The answer was simple. But it's such a huge opportunity! I can't just let it slip away right? I felt God tell me "You were fine before you heard the news. You'll be fine after too!". It was clear. I was going home instead.

So now days on =) I know it was the right decision. Chubbi got surgery today and I'm so glad I was there for her when she woke up. Nothing means more to me than my family back home.  I already have everything I need to be happy. 

What did I realise when I was in LA? LA life is pretty sweet. Wonderful people. Amazing weather. Great food.

But my life here in Hong Kong is even better hehe. Sure I'll have a lot more opportunities if I were to be based in LA. But turns out, my lifestyle here in Hong Kong suits me better ^_~


Ok enough rambling now. Let's fill up the rest of this diary entry with some pictures shall we? 



Having Korean BBQ with my LA family. David So loves this place and he's korean so it must be good right? It really was awesome! Pity he had to rush home. Poor guy didn't even get to finish his food. 



So good to see Jason again! We planned for me to do his makeup (for absolutely no reason at all but just for fun) but unfortunately I didn't have the time in the end.



Joseph and I being silly as always! He's so cute as always. I think he just finished filming with Jason so they were both pretty tired but they still made the effort to come to dinner. I can't wait to see you guys again!



Finally got to meet Cassey! She is not only fun but the most genuine person ever. I'm so glad we got the chance to meet. Miss you girl!



 I was pretty exhausted and drained by the end of the week. Being able to chill with the girls was the perfect way to end my trip! 



Since coming back, little Domo has just been following me WHEREVER I go. Even when I was taking a much needed bath, he would lie on my bath mat hugging my panties (TMI). Anybody elses pups do that?


That's all folks!

I hope you guys enjoyed the vlogs and pictures. Back to vlogs with Tim, Chubbi and Domo. Did you guys miss them? 


Much love, Bubz xx






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