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Big Bang & Asian Supermarkets

Won’t make this a big entry because I’ve got a business meeting tomorrow. Wow, even feels weird typing this. Bubz in a business meeting? Can you imagine me in a suit with a briefcase looking all smart? Me neither. I have been to meetings in flip-flops before because they have always been casual meetings. It’s all cool because that’s how Bubz rolls. My friends tell me that I should stop adding ‘^_^’ faces when answering business emails too...WHY?? >.< It looks so much cuter and I bet it will make them happier! Lol...but yes yes…I will try.

So I cooked today (OH EM GEE?) but I didn’t vlog it because I was too hungry and I barely even had energy to talk let alone sing like how I usually love to. You guys would’ve just witnessed me whining and moaning about being hungry anyway.

I took a trip to the supermarket as well ^_^ I LOVE going to supermarkets because all the food excites me. But what is UP with the tiny aisles in Hong Kong? Can only fit like one person per aisle lol. Anyway, the reason I brought up the subject of my outing to the supermarket is because a subscriber came to greet me today while I was at the ladies aisle. Yes, I was holding ‘lady goods’ so it was pretty awkward and slightly embarrassing but it’s ok =D We are all girls…although she did have a brother or friend with her. OH WELL! IT’S NATURAL!!

I watched another 100 video responses to the contest today and I had such a good time. Some are so funny! Great work guys! Keep it up!

I have been digging Big Bang’s comeback mini album! Their music has really evolved throughout the years. My favourite tracks from the mini album includes ‘Hands up’ and ‘Tonight’. I also love ‘Somebody to love too’. Actually I like ALL of the songs but I do prefer Big Bang’s older music. Nonetheless, mega proud of them and BIGBANGFANFOREVER! Lol…fangirling


I am still waiting for the next episode of Dream High and all this waiting is torturing me. I’ve been blogging so much everyday ^_^ Let’s keep this going fingers crossed. Being a good sport and super hardworking - I filmed a nail tutorial AND a hair tutorial for you guys (yes my mushroom hair)!

Ok night all! Will speak to you soon!

Much love,

Bubz x

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