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Farting In The Car Vlog & LA Meet & Greet Details

Afternoon World!

I think I'm about 90% packed up. Will be flying to Los Angeles tonight so I'll be away from Tim & my doggies for a whole week =( However, I'm very excited to be going back to LA again. Before I fly, I made sure to edit & upload a new vlog for you all. 


New Vlog in a nutshell:

- Chubbi's contracting butthole,
- 10 Years to apologise for being a b*tch in my teen years,
- Farting in the car

Check out  my latest vlog below:

Some people almost find it hard to believe that I would be a mean person in the past. Honestly, it's in my teen years that I was most insecure so it's no wonder I was so b*tchy and bitter. I'm just really glad to get things off my chest. It's not even about wanting the other person to apologise as well. It's just about your heart wanting to do the right thing. If any of you have had a major fallout with someone in the past- I recommend you to put your pride aside and do the right thing too. Not just for them but also for yourself. 


I'm going to LA for work and I wanted to make sure I'll be able to squeeze a Meet & Greet into the schedule. I look forward to seeing your little faces and giving you guys big big hugs. I'm going to bring some goodies to give away as well. If you're free, remember to pop around to say hello! Sorry if I'm announcing this a little late.

Meet & Greet date: Monday 17th June 2013

Time: 4PM

Location: The Grove 


Also, guess what guys? Only 8 WEEKS to go until the big wedding day! This is insane because time is flying before our eyes. We can't wait!  

Ok, I'm going to spend some quality time with Tim and the dogs now. I probably won't be able to upload any new videos until next week guys. I hope you will understand =) I promise I'll vlog as often as I can in LA so you see plenty of vlog footage ok? *pinky promise* 




Much love, Bubz xx




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