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Panda Girl!


Hey my sexy bumchums! 


Currently 11PM at the moment and I am resisting the urge to scratch myself (this sounds misleading lol). I have so many mosquito bites right now. Not sure if it's because of the construction works opposite where I live or the season but MAN, mosquitos are practically eating me alive. I have a question though. Do you think that you are more likely to be bitten by a mosquito if you are.... on time of month? LOL ok fine this is probably TMI but seriously, it COULD be right? I hear some girls can't go camping in certain areas if they are on their periods because they could attract bears and stuff. What? *tumble weed* Ok fine, we'll talk about something else XD

ONLY 10 weeks till the wedding! Man, I am getting so excited and nervous already. The girls and I were thinking of ideas of the chinese wedding gate crash. It's when the groom & groomsmen go through a series of hilarious obstacles to enter into the house to see the bride. My little sister suggested "Get them to snort udon noodles up their nose". As much as that made me laugh, what the heck??? LOL That is just wrong so I vetoed that.



The snorting udon noodle idea reminded me of this video I came across years ago. Man, there are no words to describe this video O_O


I wish I can spend ALL DAY looking up cute weddingy stuff but man, this week has been tough dealing with shop orders. Thank goodness for my hot bubble bath because all that lifting and standing is taking a tole on my little feet and back. It's all good though because I actually do enjoy it quite a lot. Maybe I should be a professional packer one day XD. Oh, if you haven't seen my most recent Vlog,you can check it out below. 


A Wedding Planning Vlog: Show & Tell (Get to see The bridesmaid dress too!)

Some of you mentioned that despite me looking super happy in the video, I look a bit tired. I had just woken up and I didn't bother doing my hair or makeup since it's just a vlog (and it's just you guys hehe). I have been a little more tired these days from staying up a bit later to work on your orders but don't worry! I am taking care of myself. Thanks so much guys. 


We haven't even had time to pick up our wedding rings or plan our honeymoon yet. It's all good though, all in good time. Oh be right back!

BACK! Just went to blast some hot water into these freaking mosquito bites. It felt AMAZING!!! Makes me thankful for hot water. Hmm, I can hear my neighbours playing majhong tiles at 11:36PM. It's weird because my neighbours (who live in the same floor as me) don't smile at me at all. Sometimes, we end up being in the elevator and I smile politely and they look geniunely uncomfortable. Makes me wonder if my smile is too enthusiastic. I miss my neighbours back home in UK... 



Awww! Look at little Chubbi napping on top of my couch cushions. She loves doing this. The higher she can sleep, the better. 



Today Tim and I passed a pet store and we were aww-ing the puppy beagle when I noticed a pretty girl standing in front of me. Turns out it was Ella Koon!! I nudged Tim right away because she is one of his celebrity crushes. So cute because he was trying to act all normal. He said he wasn't star struck at all and it made me realise, I don't really go crazy when I see celebrities either. I think I fangirled the Jayesslee girls though LOL. It's just because I've always admired what they do and I believe they are truly led by The Spirit. 


Either way, Ella was absolutely stunning in person. 


Ok... I think I'm gonna have an early night so I can wake up early tomorrow for another productive day. Oh, stay tuned for a Girl Talk video on procrastination coming up soon!


Oh, here is the previous vlog if you haven't seen it yet. It's got lots of Chubbi & Domo in this one. Find out how to refine your pores and brighten your skin too:




Let me tell you that no amount of makeup can conceal immense dark circles. I caked my undereye areas with concealer and I still look like a little panda. What's the best remedy? REST! I'm off to get someeeeeee yippeeeeee! Oh darn it, just remembered about the neighbours playing mahjong. 

Good night world!


Much love, Bubz



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