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My skin is breaking out!

You guys have read about my recent skin break outage recently. My skin was at it’s worse (well compared to recent few months) last week. It’s been a while since my skin decided to break into clumps of pimples around my nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. They aren’t big cysts like how I used to get as a teenager but they were types that cannot be popped. I was pretty frustrated because my skin felt dry AND oily at the same time.

I tell people not to worry too much about their skin as it really worsens the condition but we all know that is easy to say but hard to do. So I’ve been using the Biore ACNE mild care facial foam cleanser lately.

I bought it because the word ‘Mild’ stood out to me, no thanks to anything too strong or powerful for my easily irritated skin as I want something that will cleanse my skin without causing irritation. However, I do use it alongside with my Clarisonic Plus. I have used Clarisonic for almost 8 months now actually and I will write a detailed post about it soon.


Another product that has been working well is actually my Annasalbe Ace Cream. It is a Japanese product that is endorsed a lot in Asia. Apparently it’s a popular product in Asia and practically works over night. I don’t have much to say about it yet because it’s only been 48 hours since I used it but the ‘over night’ thing is perhaps true!

I woke up with visibly less pimples on my cheeks and chin today. When I cleansed my face, it felt less bumpy.


For 18g, it cost about 80 Hong Kong dollars so it’s definitely not cheap (around US$9). I feel that it dries up my pimples and therefore shrinks them over night making them disappear quicker. I know using this extensively WILL dry out my skin so I know it will be a product used for extensive periods only. Remember that most acne treatment products wear off over time so try not to over use your spot treatments to death. The more you over use them, the least effective it will become. Spot creams should not be relied on over long periods of time.


One of my favourite masks to use when my skin doesn’t want to behave is the MG Green Tea Extract Anti Blemish sheet mask. It’s great for cleansing skin of excess oil and pimples. Because its Green Tea extracts, it is also anti-ageing and hydrating.


I’m drinking lots of green tea as always to cleanse the body from toxins. I’m ‘trying’ to eat healthier so I have been snacking on lots of star fruit! Do you know star fruit is awesome for oil control and diminishing acne? It’s packed with Zinc which regulates oil glands in the skin. The fruit helps the skin to repair itself and also boosts the immune system. Alongside, I have been making homemade vegetable soup at least twice a week for a healthier diet.

Much love,

Bubz x

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