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Thailand Trip & Pictures

Hello my bumble bees and butterflies!

Man, it was SOO stormy last night. We actually had Black Rain warning last night (which is the highest) and it's been a while we experienced a black warning. Makes me miss Thailand so much. I was only there for the weekend but man, you get SO attached to that place. 

So Tim and his men planned to go to Thailand for his stag do. I don't know how it happened but us girlies decided to tag along and ruin the fun (haha just kidding). They planned to go all out into a binge fest while us girls wanted to be more mellow by relaxing at the spa & shopping. There must've been about 12-14 of us. Big crowd so it was very merry and fun. 

If you haven't been to Thailand yet, I highly recommend it. The people have such great manners, food is awesome and weather is beautiful. Lovely country. 

You can check out my Thailand vlog below:


Before I share some photos of my trip, here is my previous vlog if you haven't watched it already.

Yes, I am a MEGA cry baby. My dogs are like my children so even though we were only apart for like 4 days, it still broke my heart. Some of you asked how I have the balls to work out in front of the two guys. Easy. One is my fiance and the other is like a brother to me. Kevin came to stay with us (he traveled all the way from England to Hong Kong to attend Tim's bachelors do) and it was so nice having him around. The dogs miss him a lot too. I'll be seeing him and the rest of our friends very soon anyways. ROLL ON THE WEDDING!!! Only 2 months or so to go!


Some pictures of the Thailand trip ^_~



Relaxing by the pool with my gorgeous girls




Selfie time




Soaking up sunrays (but with lots of spf, after 4pm and in the shade) lol...




Oh Hai!!!




Little dip in the water




I wish I brought a book with me damn!



Celebrating our first night in Bangkok! Chhers!



Just me acting gangsta with my friend's cap.




With the groom & some of his the groomsmen (aka my favourite boys ^^)



Just incase you guys are wondering, we stayed at the Pan Pacific. It's an awesome hotel and we really recommend it. Enjoyed our stay very much ^_^ 




That's all folks!!! Have a wonderful week! I'm off to upload the 'What's in my Travel Bag' video now. Sorry about the absense of Bubzbeauty videos lately. Making up for it right now hehe!!!  

Much love, Bubz xx






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