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New VLOG: I make BAD decisions!!!!


Hi bum chums!

I can't believe it's only 8pm because it sure feels like it's at least 11pm or something. Been feeling a bit cranky today because I'm just so tired. I was so excited finally being able to sleep last night I didn't end up sleeping till like 5am or something. Can't wait to dive into bed tonight so I'm typing this earlier so I can sleep earlier tehee.

I'm feeling pretty proud I managed to keep vlogging frequently throughout the month of April. I was a little skeptic of myself but it's been so easy going so I have to thank you all for being so supportive because it really helps me relax. I never thought I would enjoy vlogging this much. Editing vlogs are actually really fun (and easy) compared to tutorials. There's virtually no pressure and I'm soo thankful you guys are enjoying them. I'm really happy to hear the vlogs brighten up your day. So here is my latest vlog for you guys. It's a ... pretty interesting one XD 

Today's vlog in a nutshell:

- I get real stupid and pay for it by getting ridiculously DRENCHED =_=
- Trying to do splits again (for no aparent reason too lol)
- Sharing some easy on the go workouts
- Picking our wedding rings ^_^
- Dinner Date & Iron Man 3



Check out the new vlog below:


Why did I take the dogs out when the sky was so gloomy? I have no idea. Chubbi approached me with her leash in her mouth and she looked so cute so I thought I'll quickly take them out. Ahh, silly me. Thing is, I would've quickly looked for a place for shelter but I was out in the open. It was absolutely raining cats and dogs!! CRAZY rain. I think I kind of know why Chubbi wouldn't run along. She didn't get to finish her poo because the rain started to really lash out so she kept trying to stop to finish her business. Poor thing. I felt so bad making them soo drenched but luckily they seemed to be pretty happy despite the immense rain. They didn't enjoy their baths though tehee. 

Remember a little while back, I said I wanted to train myself to do the splits again? I am probably one of the least flexible people ever. Usually when I lean down to tie my laces, my bones would make a cracky noise. Just want to be more flexible again and I wanted to do splits again since it's been over 16 years since I was able to do the splits. I'm slowly getting there I think. Give me a bit of time and I'll get there hehe.

Oh, by the way - if you haven't checked out my previous vlog. You can check it out below too:

Previous vlog in a nutshell:

- Fitness multitasking as it's best
- Beauty is PAIN
- How to make instant ramen a healthier way
- Tim is evil


Ok guess what? BED TIME!!!

Catch up soon! 

Much love, Bubz xx



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