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Hi friends,




I finally had a chance to edit and upload a new vlog for you guys. I didn't get to vlog as much as I wanted this week. However, I am headed for Thailand this weekend so we will hopefully get some fun footage tehehe.

Today's vlog in a nutshell:
- Tim & I do an awkward duet and ruin GEM's song
- Domo is a thug for life
- Scary girl on the train
- I attempt the Sexy Leg Workout
- I dye my hair


Check it:

For those who want the Sexy Leg Workout plan, you can check out below. Somebody shared it on my facebook and it's from Tribe Sports.


Try it guys! Let me know how you go!


If you haven't checked out my previous vlog, you can check it out here too. I hope you guys don't take what I say the wrong way. Everything I say is geniunely out of love and not judgement. 


I'm looking forward to this Thailand trip. I've been so stressed out recently so a relaxing weekend definitely sounds good. Tim is celebrating his bachelors do in Bangkok. Hope it doesn't end up like the movie Hangover 2. The girls and I are looking forward to our 6 hour spa and relaxing by the pool. 

On a different note, I just recently finished reading 'Steve Jobs: The man who thought different'. I borrowed it off my friend to read. I didn't think much of it but once I picked it up, I could not put it down. I highly recommend this book for sure (whether you're an Apple fan or not). I'm not big on biographies but I have to say, I really really enjoyed reading this book. 

Ok, I'm off to spend some time with our friend Kevin. He's staying with us =) I actually just challenged him to do the Call Me Maybe squats with me and he DIED. I've been saying the squat challenge everyday and can really feel difference on my legs. THANKS CASSEY!!


Have an awesome weekend guys!

Much love, Bubz xx






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