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Contest Time!

I’ve been very good with blogging lately by writing an entry most nights before bed time ^_^ Let’s try to keep this a habit shall we?


I recently launched a Commercial Contest and within a few days, I have already watched hundreds of entries! It’s awesome waking up to your entry videos and getting to see my viewers (finally). I have seen some lovely adverts so far and looking forward to see more entries. Cannot believe the amount of people participating. Was not expecting the mass amount of entries and it will definitely be a pleasure to view all your precious work.

Anyway, after sending out Bubbi orders, headed for lunch/dinner with the boyfriend. He always nips my nose and tells me that it reminds him of a little doggie because my nose is always cold. Come to think of it, my nose IS always cold. Do I have poor blood circulation? Lol.


After dindins, popped into Mannings to get some skincare products. My skin has been breaking out in lots of tiny red pimples (as I have told you guys). Don’t we just hate the feeling of cleansing your face and being able to feel all the bumps whilst massaging the skin? Yes, despite what a lot of you guys think, my skin is not “flawless”. It’s just that cameras along with the help of lighting can be so deceiving. Sales asistants are always picking out on my skin, which is exactly why I avoid them when looking for beauty products.

I’ve always mentioned that we should switch up our skincare every so often because our skin WILL adapt to our skin products, even your staple products! My skin is very good at becoming ‘used’ to my cleansers, moisturisers etc so I have to change up every so often. I am almost 100% certain that my skin is a result of bad sleeping patterns & diet. No need to go into detail about my ‘digestion’ but let’s say I haven’t been…. YOU KNOW properly and boy does your skin pay for it. I need to eat more fibre! Lol… Actually, I just indulged myself to a yummy bowl of spicy ramen just there. Sigh, so bad for the skin! Aaah all the sodium but it helps to keep me energized as I work throughout the crazy o’clock hours of the night.


Why is everything so yummy so bad for us? =_= I actually LOVE spicy food but just like my mother, anytime I eat anything spicy, my skin will break out in HUGE spots.


I took this webcam picture last night before bedtime and although skin is slowly improving, you can kind of see the lil tiny red dots on my cheekbones. It’s hard to see from the webcam but it does look worse in person. I ran out of my fav MG Green Tea sheet mask and flew out to buy them today.


Feels goood… mmm… detox detox!

Ok time to discuss website developing with the sister. She just sent me a brief look as an example, not bad eh? I told her that I wanted the website to look girly but not over girly if you know what I mean. Instead of hot pinks and bright bold colours, I want soft pastel shades. You guys are going to be browsing it so its important she makes it perfect for you guys. I will continue to update the progress of the new website although by the time you guys see this, you would already be on the new website =_=


Ok time to start working and it is 1.34am… fml but not really because I lub my work ^_^

Good night World ^_^

Bubz x

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