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Have Faith

Hi everyone,

I just finished editing a new video so while it's importing, I thought I'll write a little diary update. I hope everybody's been enjoying April so far. It's flying by isn't it? Less than 4 months to go until the big day! I feel guilty I haven't been doing much wedding planning. I've just been so busy with work so I'll probably be stressing lots closer to the day XD. I was talking to my best friend and telling her how crazy it's going to be referring Tim as my 'husband'. Bubz and Hubz. 








I was so tired last night that I didn't get to finish this diary post since I didn't have much to say. I woke up this morning, checked my phone and was horrified with the tragic news of Boston. I feel sick to the stomach just imagining this happening to my loved ones. I was so heart broken, I just couldn't bring myself to look at the images and video. My heart goes out to all the victims affected from the bomb attack. Life is really unpredictable isn't it? Life really is fragile yet most people live life as if they're never going to die. 

Right away, I jumped up from bed and prayed. At that moment, I knew the only thing I could do is pray for God to send angels to comfort and strengthen broken souls. I know there are also people complaining that people's hearts are cold to the bombings also happening in Pakistan and Iraq (and various places around the globe). I can completely see your point. My heart breaks for all of these people who are suffering in isolation. Today has been a weird day for me. It's another one of those days I realise, this world can be very dark. I can't understand why such events happen.  

We must keep our spirits high and continue praying. Remember, what we cannot do, God surely can. He is a God of Justice and although He did not make this event happen, He will take care of it all.

As recorded in the Bible, before jesus entered Jerusalem - he stood on the Mountain of Olives and looked at the civilization ahead and wept. Not just a few tears but he wept bitterly because he was heart broken for what was about to happen to His people. He foresaw the future and it tore his heart apart.

He said "Days will come upon you when your enemies will build an embankment against you and encircle you and hem you on every side. They will dash you to the ground... They will not leave one stone on another".

History tells us that in AD 70, an embarkment of armies was created around the civilization and the people were starved. Families were so starved that they even ate their own children. The armies were then led in to destroy the people who were weakened from the starvation. The image makes me feel sick.

Think about this! This is the God that created the entire Universe and He cried for us. Humans. This just blows my mind. He's not just the God you imagine who is full of wrath. He is also gentle and filled with compassion. He really does care. He understands. When our hearts are broken, His heart breaks too. Isn't this encouraging? We have a God who weeps for and with us. 

This World really is a dark fallen world but we can put our faith in the Lord because He will give us strength. The bomb attack happening in Boston is meant for evil but God can make good out of it. I believe when people are lost, they turn to Christ. I believe that in hard times, people get closer and stronger. Hardship makes us build character. 

I hope people will cherish every second of their life because we're not made to last forever here. If today was our last day on earth and we didn't know and our lives suddenly ended- what if you spent the day sweating the small stuff? What if you spent it gossiping and judging others? You can build up a fortune so you can live more comfortably in the future but there may not be a day you'll get to see any of it. Realise what truly matters.

I'm slowly learning to not live solely for myself. Believe me, it can be very hard because I'm just a selfish person. This world is fallen but it's ok because I know I can lean on God. 

I posted a facebook status on my page this afternoon and it was a pity to see people post such negativity frmo hardened hearts. Let's never give up and keep your faith high.

A prayer is like a candle. You may think it won't be able to light up too much but all it takes is one candle to light up a thousand. 

I pray that we will all become more compassionate and our hearts will never be hardened. I wrote a post a while ago on "Why does God allow Suffer & Evil to happen". Definitely check it out if you have time. 

Ok. Off for some alone time (well with the dogs too tehee).

Good night World. I love you guys so much.

Much love, Bubz xx






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