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VLOG: My Makeup Collection, Out of tune singing, Final preWedding photos, Insomnia & SHOPPING!

Hi everybody,


(YAWN) Today is gloomy again. I guess I was being too cocky about the super sunny weather in Hong Kong and now it's deciding to lash out crazy rain for the next few days. 

I woke up today from what seems to be the LONGEST sleep I've ever had. I realised my day is always somehow better when I reply your emails first thing in the morning. Maybe because I'm extra happier. I don't know what it is but it feels like I'm Popeye and I just downed a few cans of spinach. Does spinach actually make people stronger?

So last night I came home absolutely exhausted from not sleeping the night before. I told myself throughout the day that once I get home, I'm gonna throw myself to bed but once I got home- I somehow felt motivated to edit and upload a vlog. 


Today's vlog in a nutshell: My Makeup collection, Out of tune singing, Final prewedding photos (some overly photoshopped maybe), Insomnia, SHOPPING and more Chubbi & Domo ^_~


Check it out below


Apparently my Northern Irish accent is extra strong in my vlogs! LOVING THAT XD I'm striving to have at least 1-2 vlogs up per week so don't forget to subscribe to my vlog channel ^_^ Oh, please don't get me wrong about the photos. We ADORE THEM! It's just maybe 1 or 2 were a bit over photoshopped maybe? Most were just a little touched up ^_^

Some of you also been commenting that you're missing makeup tutorials. I'm sorry guys! I always lose track of balance when it comes to videos. You guys say you miss hair tutorials so I'll make a string at a go. Then you say you miss nail tutorials and I'll make a bunch too. I'll have a PROM makeup and hair tutorial up soon ok? A Spring one too! 

OH! An update on the new Bubbi brushes! We are getting the full stock end of the month (as I mentioned before). So then we just need to get the products photographed and on to the site and we will finally launch in April! YESHHHH! Super giveaway coming up! Stay tuned! 

I'm off to help Tim with his work now. Have a blessed beautiful day everyone.

Much love, Bubz xx 




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