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Kdramas, Ramen and Acne

Aaah 4pm and I am sitting here anxiously waiting for my new table. I am excited for a freaking table lol… Well designers tend to say that their working spaces are highly important because it is where ideas are born. For the past 2 years, I have been working sprawled across my bed & floor and to be honest, I was fine with it. However, I think it’s time for Bubz to grow up and work like a proper adult. I’ve been told it is going to be delivered between 4-7pm and it is currently 3.59pm. I keep staring at the clock.

So what have I been up to… well of course, still catching up with DREAM HIGH because you guys know I am immensely obsessed.  Watched episode 15 last night and I gushed when Pil Sook and Jason kissed!!!! TOO CUTE! Aaah…


Lately, my skin has been breaking out in all directions of my face. It has been a while since my face has broken out in lots of tiny pimples. I know it’s definitely to do with the stress from work. Screw you hormones! For now, I’m just going to drink lots of water, let my face heal itself and continue gentle cleansing  & moisturizing. Of course when my skin breaks out, I bust out on facial masks and one of my fav masks for acne is the MG Green Tea Detox Mask.

So yesterday, Tim took me to this place called Jazz Ramen and I remember being reluctant to go because he has taken me 2 times before and both times it was closed. Apparently the owner opens and closes whenever he likes and I figured it just wasn’t meant to be even though his ramen is supposed to be next level. When we got there, a note on the door told us that they will open in ONE hours time. By then I was already STARVING and thinking ‘I HAVE TO WAIT AN ENTIRE HOUR?’ But we decided to wait (because Tim made me) and I remember thinking ‘This ramen better be WORTH IT’. When I am hungry, I am super cranky and I snap at everything and everyone.

Let me tell you, it was sooo good. In Hong Kong, you get to eat all sorts of food because it’s also known as ‘Food Heaven’ and while the Japanese cuisine is nice, when you have tried proper legit Japanese ramen, nothing compares to the authentic ramen in Kyoto.

Turns out the owner of the tiny ramen place is actually a Japanese man and THAT’S why the ramen is famous there because he makes authentic ramen! It was so good that I wanted to cry. The soup base was full of flavour without tasting too salty or sickening. The ramen was fresh and the beef was so tender and soft. Now I want some more…




Sneaky shot of me sleeping =_= I am such a graceful sleeper


Little me holding my baby brother =)  I have probably grown a few inches since this picture… =_= lol


My doggy Max & his new friend!

Much love

Bubz x

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