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You guys are going to think I’m crazy but I have spent 15 hours of my 24 hour day watching Dream High. I decided to do an all-nighter and instead of sleeping, I was on a super k-drama marathon catching up episode after episode. If you haven’t watched it yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I highly recommend it! It’s actually very popular in South Korea right now because it stars a lot of famous K-Pop stars! Quite a big production I must say. Kudos to Mr. JYP ^_~

It’s about 6 musically talented students who enter a Performing Arts school hoping to chase their dreams and debut as successful singers. The drama has made me smile, laugh, teary and very happy. The soundtrack is also awesome too! The characters are all so freaking gorgeous! How is it possible that they look so fine? I started off gushing over Taecyeon but I am starting to feel for Sam Dong now.

While it is a comedy-romantic drama, I also find the story very moving and inspiring. Why? Because it teaches you life lessons and motivates you to chase your dreams. There was a phrase that really spoke to me, which was something like:

“Sometimes when you feel people are moving on faster and better than you whether its career or relationships. Remember than by moving slower it means you can see much more around you and understand your surroundings better than those who rush ahead - Teacher Kang”

How many of you have watched your peers overtake you in terms of studies, career or relationships? I have never been academically talented and was constantly compared to my cousins who would get straight A’s. I wanted to learn piano as a child but could only watch my cousins advance year by year because my parents never gave me piano lessons.

I did a course in university that I didn’t care about because I was afraid to change course/chase my real passion which is Fine Art. After graduating, I’d see my friends/classmates start their own paths by finding jobs. I was living in my parent’s house at 21 and working full time at my family’s restaurant. I was lost. Customers would come in and ask me if I’m studying and I would tell them no, I’ve just graduated. They would ask what I want to do for the future and I would pause, bite my lip and then answer “I don’t know…” They would smile at me reassuringly and tell me I’m going to be okay because I have my parent’s restaurant to take over.

Don’t get me wrong, I was aware I was very lucky to be under my family’s wing. It was the economy crash and I was lucky to be able to work for my own family. I get to be the boss’ daughter and everybody at work treated me very well. However, I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do and I didn’t want to rely on the help of my parents.

So I made little Youtube videos to keep me going while I worked fulltime. It kept me sane and the support from my subscribers motivated me to keep going. I never knew the subscribers would increase from 3 to 30, 30 to 300, 300 to 3000, 3000 to 30000. I couldn’t believe it back then and even today I am still baffled.

I began to put my graphic design skills to use by combining it with my love for fashion design. I bought my own Heat Press machine for about $400 off Ebay and ordered hundreds of shirts from a local T-Shirt manufacture. I printed the shirts myself and I still remember burning my hands all the time. I kept making mistakes which not only caused me burns but also a wasted T-shirt and I would get so frustrated but I kept going. It started to be too much for me to handle so my boyfriend & best friend would do all nighters with me as we powered through the night. I realised people were actually liking my designs and I looked into expanding while opportunity is still there.

“Lindy, we’re going to Hong Kong”- my boyfriend said to me. One month later, I packed my bags and flew to Hong Kong leaving everything behind; my family, friends, home, life, everything. I made the decision quickly and rapidly because if I was given more time to think it through, I may have changed my mind but felt safe because I was with my boyfriend and it felt right. Within months I had to learn so much and at times I remember wanting to give up. But I kept going…

Now thousands of Bubbi Tshirts are worn around the globe. How did it start? From a little hobby. No dream is stupid if it comes from passion.

What is important is that I moved in my own time. What matters is that I never gave up on myself. When the World told me to give up because my dream is stupid, I told them “No, you’re wrong”.

Everything has a starting point as a small idea can turn into a big idea. I started off with an idea that cost less than $800 to start a business. It may not seem like a lot of money to you but there was blood, sweat and tears saving the money. What matters is that I tried and by trying, I have already succeeded because The only way you can ever lose is by not trying at all.

Anyway, I kind of went off topic by talking about myself instead of the drama =_= Cough… But yeah, this drama spoke to me and I’m sure anybody can relate to watching this drama because it makes you question what you want to do with yourself. It asks you how far you would go to achieve your dreams.

So if you like music (who doesn’t?) and you like eye candy (lol again, who doesn’t?) definitely check out Dream High. It’s a light drama that’s easy to get into and even if you can’t understand Korean, there is always subtitles! 

This mellow & soft song is what somebody would feel when they are starting to fall in love. When I listen to it, I can feel the butterflies in my stomach.

One thing about dramas is that it moves so sloooooow! Aaah you watch a guy stare at a wall for like a minute doing nothing and it drives me crazy! Another thing is that the Good guy NEVER gets the girl =( Kind of like ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and Jihoo Sunbae didn’t get Jandi in the end and I pitied him sniff… Anyways, the drama is still going so I don’t know who the main girl will end up with. To be honest, I’ve been more into Jason & Pil Sook than the main couple because they are soooo cute!

Ok… 4.41am… Have to try and sleep now. My bid to stay up for an entire day to tire myself out did not work.

Good night/or morning tehehe

Much love,

Bubbi x

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