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Breaking out sucks + New Bubbi brushes Sneak Peek!

Hello hello guys,

It feels like forever since I posted a diary update. Tim's family has been here in Hong Kong as well as my family so we've been busy trying to balance work between family time. Not complaining though because who doesn't enjoy family time? 

Honestly, it has been a while since I felt a bit self conscious about my skin. I've had acne since I was 13 years old and even though my skin improved significantly as I got older, I never lived a day without having some sort of breakout on my skin. I've always been fine about having several bumps here and there since nobody is perfect. However, since December my skin just suddenly flared up. I started to get a hundred of pimples across my cheeks and I thought it was just the jetlag and didn't think much of it (I went back to UK for Christmas). 



I wasn't kidding about having a hundred pimples across each jaw. This was my skin 2 months ago. Plenty of whiteheads and cystic acne going on.

Coming back to Hong Kong, my skin didn't really improve at all so I visited a dermatologist. I was given some topical treatments along with antibiotics. At first, my skin seemed to pick up after about a week but then my skin suddenly got very sensitive and dry (which triggered even more breakouts). The 15% AHA lotion just made my skin feel uncomfortable to the point I would dread whenever I had to apply it. The skinoren cream was drying out my skin like crazy causing it to flake. My skin felt overly dry and tight and I was constantly uncomfortable. I had to tie my hair away from my face because even my hair brushing across my face made it feel itchy. My face was red and swollen because it was that sensitive. 

The antibiotic prescribed to me was Minocycline and if my dermatologist told me that this antibiotic would increase melalin- I would not have agreed to take it. I was getting awful dark spots all across my jaw line and to be honest, it didn't do anything for me. I wasn't squeezing or picking my acne at all so I was horrified with all the dark spots.

I want my skin to heal so I didn't bother covering up with makeup. I wanted to improve the problem, not mask it. I know Tim's relatives didn't mean to make me feel bad but their "OH MY GOSH!! YOU HAVE SOOOO MANY SPOTS" made me feel a bit embarassed. It's almost as if they don't know I know my skin is going through a flare up. Why do people do this? When I was younger, my relaties would say "You are so short" and it's like "Yes I know, do you think I don't know that?" Anyways, I stopped taking the antibiotics because the scarring was a deal breaker. Now I'm enjoying a nice DIY Oatmeal facial (oatmeal + yogurt + a little rice flour) to help lighten my scars and treat my acne. When I completed university, I had a lot of crazy acne scars back then and using the oatmeal remedy really helped to fade my scars.  I'm off the medical creams and antibiotics and relying on natural remedies again.



Back to natural remedies again. A scar reducing facial scrub/mask tutorial will be up shortly. My skin is recovering and still got a bit to go but good news is it's getting better. 


What else? We booked the venue for our Hong Kong wedding and I actually can't believe we're going to have 3 weddings. I guess that's actually normal for a lot of asians but even thinking about it seems crazy. Oh my gosh, 6 months until the wedding!!! Time is flying like a flying ninja. *Pulls hair out* 

I was meant to film an 'Ask Bubz' video today answering your beauty questions but the weather is just dull and gloomy today. Speaking of weather, it's also been pretty windy and yesterday when I went out the balcony, I found a surprise.



At first, I thought these red bad boys were Tim's but he thought they were mine. Puzzler huh? It must've fallen from my neighbour's balcony. Pretty awkward huh? FINDERS KEEPERS! Just kidding, not quite sure what to do about them. Can't exactly go up and ask neighbours if these red hot briefs belong to them. Red huh? Must've been a Chinese New Year thing for good luck. 


I'm going to go to the gym in a bit. I gained 2kg since the New Year lol. I blame granny bubz forcing me to eat 2-3 bowls of rice (and 3-4 buns for breakfast). Off to do some sweating to destress myself by releasing some happy endorphins. Ahh, need to put some music into my phone first. I have 0 songs in my playlist. 

Ok just imported some songs in to the list. Be right back! Work out time. 


Ok! I is back after a work out session followed by a shower. Oh, almost forgot to share with you guys some samples of the upcoming new Bubbi brushes range! We're almost done now, just finalizing bits and bobs. I'm very very excited for the launch because I am just mega pleased with the quality of the brushes. Here are some sneak peek pictures of the draft products.



Essentials kit and Complete kit. Packaging designed by little me. The packaging design degree came in handy after all. 



There will be 6 brushes in the Essentials Kit: (well two of them are dual ended so it's almost 8 brushes? hehe).



The full kit contains 12 brushes (again, there are 2 dual ended brushes so it's most 14 brushes). It comes with a professional brush roll that's specifically designed for the brushes. 



Here is how the individual brushes will be packed. Girly cutesy design. 


I've still been into my needle felting hobby. I usually have a '3 minute heat' attention span so I don't know how long it'll be until I get bored and move on (remember my cup painting phase?). Some have requested a video on a kitty and although I'm a dog person, this kitty is pretty adorable right?


Meow meow =^.^=



The collection is growing. I can't stop... lol



Random picture of Chubbi because she's so adorable. She's so FLUFFY!




Somebody shared this picture on facebook and I thought I'll share it as well. Does your mind plant flowers or weeds? To be honest, we plant both right? It's ok! As long as you remember to pull out the weeds!



Ending off this diary post with a selfie (and my little Domo).


Have an awesome weekend guys. 

Much love, Bubz xx




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