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My Dermatologist Experience

Hi everyone,

Today I made a visit into Central to see a dermatologist regarding my skin and I thought I'll share my experience with you guys. So before I start, I just want to emphasize that there is a huge misconception out there regarding my skin. 

"Bubz, how do you get your skin so clear?"

"I wish I had your complexion Bubz!"

Times like this, I almost get frustrated because I wish I can show you how my skin really looks in person. Ok fair enough, HD cameras can show every bump in our faces but with smart lighting and makeup - skin can look 10 times better in camera than in person. My skin is FAR from perfect. I am super prone to breakouts and I have struggled for sooooo many years trying to control my acne. 

During my teen years, I had severe cystic acne and looking back - I wished I didn't let it affect my life so much but it really did. I covered my cystic acne with thick makeup and thus made my skin worse because I was clogging my pores. Plus, I didn't clean my makeup tools nor remove my makeup properly. I used all the wrong products for my skin and I thought the cleaner my face- the clearer my skin. Wrong wrong wrong. 

Now I'm in my twenties so I've well passed my 'teen' stage. I learnt what products work best with my skin and I practice good hygeine. My skin has definitely improved since then but I still have adult acne. However, I don't get so many pimples on my forehead anymore, they seem to have migrated southwards towards my jaw line area. 

So today I made a trip out to Central to visit a dermatologist regarding my skin. My skin has always been FAR from perfect but near the end of 2012, my skin started to really act up. I'm used to always having pimples of some sort on my face and I've always been ok with it because hey, nobody is perfect right? But I've been seeing up to a hundred pimples across my jawline (not even exaggerating) with clusters of cystic acne. It actually made me want to stay indoors. I was too self conscious to go outside. 

My appointment was booked for 2.30pm but I didn't get my consultation until like 3.15pm. First thing the dermatologist did was inspect my skin with this giant light/magnifying glass. She said my skin isn't too bad but could see a lot of blockages for sure. 

She asked me what my skin regimen was so I started to list my cleanser, concentrate, serum and moisturiser. She told me that's way too many products and I was pretty shocked because I always thought each product was important. She answered "Yes, but not for your sensitive skin. Too many products are clogging up your pores". Then she asked me if I've been steaming my face and I answered yes. She asked if I shower at hot temperature and I answered yes. Uh oh, I must be doing something bad again...





In a nutshell, she told me that steaming my face/showering at hot temperature isn't a good for skin that's inflammed. The heat causes my skin to swell which triggers breakouts. The hot humid climate in Hong Kong doesn't help my skin either. So she instructed me to wash my face with either cold or slightly warm water and told me not to steam my face anymore. I'm also going to miss my hot baths/showers =( Yes, steaming the face can open up pores but it can also cause reverse effects on acne. I've actually heard this before but I always somehow thought it was bullocks. So that's one thing I learnt today.

She instructed me not to use facial masks of any sort. No sheet masks, no clay masks, no creamy masks. Zero. Aside from my cleanser and moisturiser, skip everything else (apart from eye cream etc of course). I have to avoid eating spicy foods because it can cause my face to get really hot and red (again, triggers my acne). 

I'm scheduled to see her in 4 weeks time to track my progress. I'm actually kind of glad its a monthly thing because the bill was pretty scary too. She's given me some lotions and creams to treat my acne along with some antibiotics to treat the inflammed skin (and also my allergic reaction on my neck). She was pretty confident my skin will heal up in no time. I went in today not expecting much but who knows what'll happen. Maybe my skin will improve, maybe it will worsen, maybe it'll stay the same lol. It doesn't hurt to be hopeful so I'm going to be positive. I will let you guys know ^_^. 

I've always thought I was doing everything right with my skin but perhaps I still have a lot learn about my skin. Especially for the wedding, I don't need my skin to be perfect - just clearer is good enough. I will keep you guys updated anyways. To be fair, I've also had my fair share of bad advice from beauticians and doctors so we will only know through trial and error. 

Bed time. It's been a long day indeed. Don't you just love coming home and kicking your shoes off? Since I finished Faith, I started to have major Lee Min Ho withdrawal symptoms so I decided to watch Boys Over Flowers (for like the 100th time). It's so cheesy but I love it bwahahahaha. Jun pyo Oppa (well technically I would be his noona)...

Ps. I'm going to take pictures of my skin now and make a comparison 4 weeks later for you. Stay tuned!

Pps. For those who are wondering, the Shopbubbi website is currently getting updated with a new design. It should be up shortly (Tim is hard at work and he's barely slept for the past few nights) but the second range of Bubbi brushes won't be available until March guys. Bear with us, they're almost finished in production. We're excited too!


Oh, here is a new cute vlog for you all. I found some cute footage of these two rascals. Hope Chubbi and Domo make you laugh!


Super adorable!! I can't imagine life without these two furry little monsters!


Good night lovelies!

Much love, Bubz xx



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