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Christmas back home

 Hello snow angels,

Warm greetings from Northern Ireland!!! It's been about 3 days since I've been back and for some reason, it feels like longer. Maybe because I'm not doing much back home? All I've been doing is eating, sleeping and watching TV tehee. For some reason, my days in Hong Kong seem to fly by like crazy.

After a long 14 hour flight followed me another 2 hour flight and then another 2 hour coach journey, I finally made it back for Christmas Eve. So I hope everybody had a wonderful time whether you spent your Christmas doing anything big or small. I had a wonderful Christmas spending it with my family and loved ones. Being able to put a smile on someone's face really is priceless and the best gift. 

You guys can check out my latest vlog video below to see how I spent my Christmas Eve and day ^^




Today is boxing day so I was dragged out at 10am to hit the sales with my family. To be honest, I've never been a huge fan of sales. I'm just so afraid of crowded and messy spaces. Seeing clothes scattered everywhere makes me not want to browse through them. It was crazy cold and wet today but inside the stores was stuffy and warm. This was very frustrating because I had to remove my jacket then put it back on and vice versa many many times as I moved from store to store. The stuffiness from the stores was actually making me nauseous but the outside was too cold and wet. I couldn't wait to get home.

Luckily, my cousin Kai and I randomly stumbled into a bookstore. Inside was large and spacious with lots to look at from books to toys to accesories, best of all - not crowded. We had an enjoyable time looking at cute home decor and smelling the different scents of candles while my mum and little sister shopped in the crowded sales. I managed to buy a cook book today and honestly, it's my best buy for my trip so far. Looking forward to learning how to cook so I can prepare to be a good wifey next year hehe.

So now couple hours later, I'm finally home and sitting in the living room enjoying the new scented candle. I'm snuggled up under a thick blanket and relaxing in front of the television. 

Time has flown by and it's hard to believe it's already been 3 years since I moved out of this house. Being back in my old bedroom makes me feel emotional because it brings me back to how my life was before moving to Hong Kong. That bedroom was basically where 'Bubzbeauty' was born. 

28th December 2012

I didn't get a chance to finish off the diary post due to some technical errors but now that it's fixed again, HELLO AGAIN! I'm actually about to head out to Belfast soon. After 10 years of a minging passport photo, I can finally change it. Although I can't say I like the new passport photo that much. What is it with passport photos always looking mysteriously unflattering? Your hair is styled nicely and your makeup is fine but for some reason, you always look monged out (x_O)"

Then afterwards, I'm going to be trying out a famous mexican bar called Boojums. Everybody keeps going on about how amazing it is so my hopes is high so it better be good!!! Tomorrow Tim and I shall be visiting our wedding venue for the first time!!! I'm so nervous about seeing it in real life. Hopefully I'll be able to vlog it for you guys to see. I'll also be planning the Wedding flowers, cake and other shenanigans. Let's fill up this post with some pictures and call it a day shall we? Heheee.




Granny Bubz and Max! Most of my trip so far has just been spent chilling with my beloved granny. It's nice to see her still so active and lively at 80 years old. Max is getting old too so they're like little elderly buddies. 

MENPORPOR I just caught a rare granny Bubz! 



 Somebody changed the screensaver of my phone. Still don't know who the culprit is... Gosh you can't leave anything unattended in this house >.< lol


Christmas dinner! It's no turkey with stuffing but it was delicious balls!

Cousin Kai and I =D

Ok, time to head off. The 'Blindfolded Fiance Does My Makeup' tag video will be up shortly. Haven't had a proper chance to edit it yet. Too many distractions in the Tsang Household. 

Take care everybody!

Much love, Bubz xx





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