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This will make you =)

Hello guys,


So this little video has been passed around my Facebook lately. Maybe you've seen it already, maybe you haven't but either way - I wanted to share it with you all because it put a huge smile on my face. I'm so happy to see people sharing this video and passing it about because it is an absolute breath of fresh air =)

I think with what we read/see on TV and newspapers these days, all we really see are mainly tragic events and it makes us think the World is just filled with darkness. I hope this video will you think again =) Life is short so HAVE FUN! Makes me want to be a good citizen too. 

So today has been an eventful little day. The Shopbubbi online store was flooded with orders and even though the Holiday Clearance Sale is supposed to last till 4th December, most of our stock is running out already. We expect all stock to probably run out in about 2 days or so. Tim has been working NON-STOP. It's almost midnight and we haven't even had dinner yet. Nonetheless, really happy (and thankful) that you guys are enjoying the sale. We received some emails from some of you and they are so CUTE and SWEET. Some of you are excited about the new range coming up but at the same time a little sad that the old range is going to be discontinued. I can completely understand but don't be sad. We're keeping the 4 best seller brushes (we're even updating 2 of them so they're even better yey). It's time Bubbi brushes gets a little makeover. I promise you they won't disappoint ok? Trust little me.

I'm kinda multitasking now. Semi designing the packaging for the new brushes, semi doing butt clenches, semi planning the next Bubzbeauty video and semi thinking of ideas for the next Bubbiosity video. Yes yes I have been reading your comments on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. Let me see what I can do for you all. I miss acting like a crazy lunatic in front of the camera too. It relaxes me.

Actually just realised that we are near the end of November already. WHAT?? Really? Since we're approaching December, do you know what's coming up? No, not the end of the World =_=. Ok, guess who's gonna be turning 26 soon? Here's a hint. ME!!! Wohooooo! Wow... I can't believe it. Feels like yesterday I uploaded my 22nd birthday video on Youtube (which was removed shortly due to copyright issues lol). Remember last year i was whining about turning 25? Now I want to stay 25...

Off I goooo to do some work. Talk soon my friends.


Random picture of the post. What is that on my head you ask? Well that is a head massager my friend. Clearly from the picture you can tell I was in agony. Why would I pay to get my head crushed? Although everybody else said it felt really relaxing so maybe I didn't put it on right or my head is just too big. A family actually walked passed me and laughed at the sight of me. Also, you guys remember my tiara hair band that I LOVED? Well I had to take it off to try on this thing and I forgot to put it back on and left it in the shopping mall =( Hey Osim!! You owe me a tiara hairband (or $HK20). 

Much love, Bubz xx


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