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Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot VLOG

Hey everyone,

My eyes are fighting to stay open and it's only 10:20pm. Only managed to get 3-4 hours sleep last night so hopefully I can sleep a bit earlier tonight. I managed to edit a vlog video for you guys! I'm so sorry it's been a whole 2 months since my last vlog. I FINALLY bought a new digital camera so I can vlog more since the camcorder I normally use is old and faulty. Fingers crossed it will have me vlogging more often.

We got back from Seoul last night and as much fun as we had in South Korea, we're just so happy to be home. No bed is as comfortable as your own bed for sure. My skin couldn't handle the spicy foods any longer either lol.

We flew to S.Korea to take our pre-wedding photos through SA Wedding agency. We just want to say that we had an amazing experience and would recommend anybody to explore Korean photography agencies through SA Wedding. They were super helpful and very kind. I'll write a detailed post on our photo shoot experience in the near future for you guys. The chosen photos will take 3-5 months boohoo but we did get the raw photos so that'll keep me happy until then. I'm already looking for more pictures to blow up to hang around the apartment. 


Tim's favourite shot. Yes, the photographer made us stand in the middle of the road. Pretty crazy huh? Don't worry, we stood inside a no zone box which means cars aren't allowed in it so we were very safe. We're blowing this one up. It looks so magical ^^

You guys are important to us and more than just subscribers. It's such an honour to share our magical moments with you all. Thank you so much for walking this journey with us <3

Check out the Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot vlog below: 

We're also getting a video made as well as photographs so stay tuned. Apparently we should be getting the edited video (and raw footage) soon so stay tuned guys. I'll be uploading that video on the Bubzbeauty Channel. 

Some of you are baffled with what 'Pre-Wedding' pictures are. You know what engagement pictures look like but you're unsure what Pre-Wedding pictures are. Well, its basically a type of photography that's very popular especially here in Asia. Brides and grooms understand how weddings can be very rushed so in order to have the pictures perfect and tailored to your own style- you go for the pre-wedding approach which is the more themed photography. A lot of times, people like to dress up for it but you can definitely wear casual clothes too (we also did casual shots ^^). Of course, pre-wedding photos shouldn't be compared to actual wedding day photography since those photos are already special in it's own way. I already picked my actual wedding dress which Tim isn't gonna see until the big day. However, I'm keeping it secret because I want to surprise him, not due to superstition. In a nut shell, your pre-wedding photos can be ANY way you want. I've seen pre wedding photos of couples under water, sky diving and much more. 

Ok bed time. Thank you so much for watching everybody. Night night!

Ps. I'll be uploading a Pre-wedding post soon (with lots of pictures for you guys).

Much love, Bubz xx

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