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Mind Your Own Business!

Morning everyone,

It's a beautiful Tuesday morning and I'm just starting my day by eating a bowl of fruit whilst typing this diary entry. It feels so good to eat something that's not processed. I have not been proud of my diet for the past week or so. All the processed foods left me extra pimpley and tired. This week I'm prepared to be good by eating lots of salmon, vegetables and fruits because I'm off to Seoul next week for our pre-wedding photoshoot. I'm so excited! We're only there for a handful of days so our schedule is packed but it's nice to get away from Hong Kong. 
So time to look after myself because I don't wanna feel bloated or icky for the photos. 

I've always loved the Korean style pre-wedding photography because it's so contemporary and elegant.

I have been urging for a vacation since things have been a bit stressful lately. I've been doing some charity work which has been very fun, wedding planning, filming, editing and new brush sampling. All projects are fun of course but dead lines sometimes take the fun out of things. Actually, I have a meeting tomorrow regarding the Bubbi brushes so looking forward to progressing the brush range. I'm SO excited about the new line and we're going to do a huge giveaway for the launch. 

Speaking of Wedding, I'm proud to announce that I've found my wedding dress. I can't spill details on how it looks because I want it to be a surprise but all you guys need to know for now is that it's very 'me' if that makes sense. My friend Chriselle said she wanted people to focus the wedding on two people getting married rather than 'Oooh, look at the bride's dress' and that is exactly what I want too. I also picked an evening gown to wear later on the night for comfort (and elegance lol). In Hong Kong, some brides wear up to like 6 dresses throughout the night. That is insane. I also found our videographer and photographer yipee! We've picked our entertainment, band, florist and cake caterer. Tim's tux is getting made right now. Not so shabby eh? 
I'm sorry if all I can talk about seems to be wedding-y stuff. My own friends must be so fed up. 

Ok, let's talk about something else. Recently I was saddened to hear about the story of Amanda Todd, a teenager who committed suicide due to cyberbullying. It really broke my heart. Everybody carries burden and anybody can be bullied. You can be bullied by your own parents, uncles and aunties, siblings, friends, bosses and co-workers. I'm positive that people who bully others do it to release their own tension from the hardship of their own lives. They relieve themselves by loading their baggage on others. Sometimes, people don't know how to handle this sudden excess 'baggage'. 

When you guys tell me your bullying problems, it makes me sad because you're trying to reach out for help but I'm so far. I can't give you guys 'bullying advice' because every situation is different. I wish I (or someone) can tell Amanda that as hard as it seems to believe this - things WILL get better after High School. I don't even speak to my High School friends anymore (only a few comments here and there on Facebook but that's it). I was a nobody in High School. I was never bullied in a way that was life threatening or extreme but I endured having things thrown at me for my race colour by a bunch of older girls who should've known better. I went to school each day in fear each day. I had to plan my routes to my classes to avoid certain people in my High School. I understand how it is to feel small and insecure. You just have to stay strong and focused. I studied hard and it paid off. Everything changes because we enter the real world after High School. You'll eventually forget about the people in school and meet new people who don't care about whether you were popular or not.

I wish people just minded their own business. Things would be so much simpler if people just did their own thing. 
Some people feel the need to say or do something when other people's personality / behaviour bugs them.  Mind your own freaking business. You're the one having the problem.

Mind your own business = Staying out of trouble, gossip, hurt and unnecessary feelings

You could be the most juicy ripe peach there is and end of the day, there will still be someone who doesn't like peaches. Accept that not everybody is gonna like you. People will always make judgements. That's fine. Mind your own business my friends. That's one of the best advices you will ever get. 

For the sake of 'feeling cool', it's not ok to put somebody down. It's funny for you (or your friends) but you have no idea how it is to be the victim. For the teens that bullied Amanda, I hope they learn from this and may this lesson haunt them until they realise their wrong doing. I hope Amanda's story can be a wake up call for all the trolls and bullies out there. Wake up and learn to be a respectful person!

I'm definitely going to make a vlog on Bullying soon so I can leash our my thoughts but yeah, let's talk about something happier for now =)

I've been filming a lot of hair tutorials lately so this month should be mostly hair tutorials. Ahh my thighs are aching today from last night's session of Yoga. I didn't really think it was that intensive of a workout so I was surprised to feel body pain today. Must be a good sign though. 

Anyways, let's show some pictures of the week shall we =)

If Tim and I swapped faces. I make a dashing fellow and Tim makes a ...erm... pretty lady. I've been having way too much fun with this silly ap. 

Small Chubbi and Big Chubbi! My friend just told me his friend's samoyed had pups and if I wanted a samopuppy. As much as I would love to take care another doggie, my apartment just isn't big enough for an extra dog right now (especially a samoyed). Ah well, one day. Hopefully these puppies will find loving homes to grow up in. 

Hehe how cute is Domo as Superdog? Got this little bib outfit for fun. In a way, I feel like my dogs are my super heros. They never fail to pick me up from a stressful day. 

We had BBQ last week. Kinda icky (and funny) how the people hung their landry over our BBQ sticks lol. Speaking of BBQ, it must be the reason for the bad skin.

We went cycling and this is the beautiful destination, Tai Mei Tuk. We're trying to make it a weekly deal now. I'm such a competitive cycler and even though we don't race - I always like to make sure I'm cycling at the front. My friends don't know this teehee...

Been wearing these glasses a lot lately. I like the print (not necessarily the Hello Kitty details) They help to cover my dark circles by distracting the attention to the glasses.

Been keeping the makeup very simple lately. Focusing on just eyeliner and mascara for eyes and berry lips with strong blush. Nice easy look that's great to wear for Fall.  

Wow, I can't believe Christmas is only 10 weeks away. Time is FLYING. I say this in every diary entry. I'll be sharing my 'Beauty travel kit' for South Korea when time is closer. 

Ok, time to go now. Have a wonderful week my lovelies! 

Much love, Bubz xx

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