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Teen Bubz


So my aunt just found this super old picture on me and kindly decided to tag me too. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show you guys 'Teen Bubz'.

Right, I am very aware that I look very different now compared to how I did 10-12 years ago. Every time I go through immigrations in the airport, the security staff NEVER believes that the girl in my passport photo is me. As much as it bugs me, I do completely understand. I've heard some guys say "Bubz is older than me but damn if she was a few years younger, awesome". 

No my friend.  Physically and mentally, I was another person. 


So let's compare some of the differences:

  • I used to sport a middle parting (a big no no for me now)
  • I wore matching toned denim (which isn't so bad because back then, that was the trend lol) 
  • I was tanner 
  • Even though the picture is from far away, you can tell I had cystic acne.
  • I wore my famous round framed glasses
  • My hair was black
  • I still remember those jeans! Mum hated them. I just wore those jeans because they were jeans. Apparently they gave my butt the most awkward wedgie but I didn't care lol. 
  • I had buck teeth & thangs (pre-braces period)

Honestly, I look at it now and it's not so bad. I used to avoid looking at mirrors because I hated seeing my own reflection for crying out loud. I think it's funny to bring out the old pictures of yourself. Instead of cringing, just smile. I found my way to be comfortable in my own skin now. I'm no longer awkward and doing/wearing/saying things to impress other people. Surprisingly enough, even though I'm older now - I feel like I look better than when I was 15 years old. The best thing is, I'm making less effort.

This was again, once used to describe me by a younger subscriber *cough Tommy* "The riper the fruit, the sweeter the juice" which at the time I was raging because I was only 22!!!!! Made me sound like I was 60 lol.  But maybe this is the case sometimes. 

Then again, I look at the 15-16 year old girls today who look gorgeous and I can't deny there is slight jealousy there lol. 

I actually still get messages from some girls saying "Bubz, I wish I looked like you". No you don't. I completely understand you because I was you back then. I tried to be somebody else in the past. It doesn't work. You will figure it out and in time, you will be comfortable in your own skin as yourself. 

EDIT- I just realised this is taken in my old house which meant I was actually 13-14? 

So yes. I wasn't the coolest kid back then.

Not the coolest now.

But it's cool.

Cause I'm cool with it.


Much love, Bubz xx


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