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AutoTune Music Video + Behind The Scenes Footage

Hi everyone,

The AutoTune music video is finally out!! I've been so anxious and nervous at the same time. Why? Because I'm also in the music video!! I play the love interest of Jason Chen. 

So Jason and I have been friends for about 2 years now. I've always been such a huge fan of his work because he's so talented. I've been anticipating this song for such a long time because I thought it was so cute and catchy so I couldn't believe it when Jason asked me to be IN the AutoTune music video. Say what??? The awesome thing is that it also stars many other awesome Youtubers too (can you spot them all?) 

So the whole idea of the MV is that Jason is in a K-Bar and he's singing but for whatever reason, it's just not going well. But somehow, little me manages to influence him (because I fart rainbows and sunshine remember? lolol) and he ends up doing well. So then everybody starts to cheer and get into the song because I'm his 'Autotune' baby. I play a shy girl who's also secretly loving the attention from Jason (perhaps I was also playing hard to get, who knows lol). So he's just constantly trying to woo me in the MV and I'm all "HEE HEE" and in the end, we get together. As you can tell, I'm not good at explaining things in a cute way so I'm just going to let you guys watch the MV alright?

Check out the SUPER CUTE & HAPPY music video below:


Watching this video just reminds me of how much fun it was shooting it with everybody. It was a lot of work but it was just so much fun and meeting everybody (the subbies, the crew, youtubers etc) made it even more awesome. It would be amazing if you guys can show your support by liking the video, commenting and sharing. I had no idea how much work it takes to be a Youtube Artist so I have the most respect for him. He is the most humble guy I know on Youtube and nobody deserves success like he does. I already know this song is going to do so well. So excited for him.

Some screenshots of the MV:


Please give him lots of love by subbing and of course, don't forget the lovely cameos in the music video too:

  • Joseph Vincent
  • David So
  • JustKiddingFilms
  • Paul Kim
  • KTown Reality Show

YEY, I have one thing to take off my "Life achievement" list. 

Star in a music video    YER BABEH.

I've JUST added a new Vlog up. It's Behind The Scenes footage for the AutoTune music video! Check it!

Have an awesome weekend everyone! 
Much love, Bubz xx

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