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Hello everyone!

First off, just want to wish my awesome fiance happy birthday! Tim turns 26 today!!! Hard to believe that the first time I met him was 10 years ago and since then, we celebrated every birthday together. He just wants a nice night in with me and the dogs (EDIT- that didn't happen. Friends came over that night for a house party XD). I'm going to cook him a 3 course dinner (some of you are laughing right now) and I'm pretty nervous. We were at the supermarket yesterday getting ingredients for the dinner for tonight and I was constantly googling what the certain ingredients looked like. Fingers crossed things will go well and he won't end up in A&E for his birthday. I'm really not much of a cook since  Hong Kong is such a convenient place to eat out. However, I do want to prepare to be a good housewife for him in the future hehe. I do enjoy cooking but it's just I can never find the time to do it boohoo. 

So as promised, this entry is going to be all about my trip to Los Angeles. 

So on the day of my flight, I have to admit I felt very gloomy. It sounds lame but I cried saying bye to Tim. I mean, I knew I would be only gone for a week but we just got so much more attached after the engagement. I got on my flight and I already couldn't wait to return back into his arms again. The flight was 14 hours long and I spent about 9-10 hours watching movies because my flight was at noon which meant I would be WIDE AWAKE. Yeah I didn't really get to sleep though and when I was starting to feel sleepy, it was time to land. 

So on my first day, StyleHaul just let me relax and regain my energy so I just caught up on sleep and squeezed a meeting for the evening. I stayed at The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood which was quite a funky hotel with a cool atmosphere. 


Remember watching the episode in Sex & the City where Carrie and the girls go to LA? Well this is the hotel they "stayed" in. I recognised the random model behind the reception counter. Except this model is a chick and not a dude. 

On my second day, we had a fun yet very informative meeting with the Network team where I also got to meet the gorgeous fellow gurus XSparkage, HeyJarmaine and Dulcecandy87. The girls were sooo sweet and it was super nice catching up with them. 

The gorgeous Dulcecandy87 and I. She was sooo perfectly polished from head to toe. Was super friendly and I even got to meet her hubby too. Both lovely people ^^

Yey! The girlies! Leesha actually had to bend down slightly for the photo too XD

They served yummy food throughout the meeting om nom nom

After the meeting, Jermaine and I shopped a little bit and then relaxed in my hotel for light drinks before heading to The Soho House for dinner with the Stylehaul girls. Jermaine is the sweetest girl ever and sooo down to earth. 

I didn't take this photo (snabbed it from the web) but this is what the Soho House looks like. Gorgeous isn't it? All I can think about was how gorgeous it would be to hold a wedding reception there! 

It was my first time in Soho House and I got so excited because the place looked GORGEOUS. I couldn't understand why it was called a club since I imagine clubs with 'loud music & dance floors" but then apparently this place for only exclusive for members so it made more sense to me. Didn't even know such places even existed. Sitting on the table next to us was Tom Cruise!!!! Then on the table on the other side was Matthew Perry! I'm a crazy Friends fanatic so I was more excited seeing 'Chandler' than Tom. Then when Matthew left, Avril Lavigne came in and took his table and then we saw Nigel Barker!!!!! Is this what it's like to live in LA???? I would've taken pictures but the club doesn't allow cameras (which I can actually understand) sob sob. But yeah, that was very exciting moment for me to be able to witness celebrities so close by. Was half joking about stealing their used napkins hahaha. When Tom left, Jermaine was like "Hi Tom!!!" and he smiled at us. I was like "DANG GIRL, DID YOU JUST SAY HI TO TOM??" So that was a special night being able to chill and relax with the YT girlies and Network team. Thank you so much to Stylehaul for the wonderful dinner. It was such a memorable night and everybody had such an amazing time. I still can't believe they flew me over for a meeting!! O_O Thank you so much for being nothing but wonderful to me. So when's the next time you need me over? lolol... I'm only bummed out because I realised we didn't get to take more pictures with the network girlies. 

So since I was in LA, I was asked to be be in my friend Jason Chen's music video. I've never done anything like this in my life so it was such a fun yet nerveracking experience. I thought it will be a casual casual thing but there was a professional crew? Woh! I was pretty nervous the first day but on the second day, I relaxed a bit. Everybody was super sweet so it made everything a lot easier on me. The two days of filming was VERY jam packed and it was very tiring but I'm sure everybody had fun and now we're just excited for the full music video to be released.

You can check out the teaser below. Don't forget to subscribe to Jason and send him lots of love! He really deserves it because he's just such a talented yet humble person. The full MV will be out 7th September so watch out for it ^^


Luckily our scenes didn't really involve being too close with each other. He would just be "flirting" with me throughout the MV and I would be all shy but secretly loving it. I had to play a shy person and I was like "Really? But I'm not a shy person". You guys already know I'm no actress so to make myself constantly 'smiley' for the MV, I would just think of my dogs and then I would get this big smile beaming on my face which helped a lot. So if you see me looking all smitten in the MV, I'm thinking about my dogs XD

Was awesome meeting David from Davidsocomedy who was also a cameo for the MV. He's just as funny in real life and as you can tell, completely towers over my short little self ^^ He actually wore socks with slippers that day!! Bad ass!!

With Joe from JKFilms (and Jason photo bombing at the back =_=). All Joe and I ever talk about are our dogs. We crazy dog people. Was really nice meeting the JKFilm team too. 

Along with Davidsocomdy, JKFilms and a lot of awesome youtubers - Joseph Vincent was also one of the cameos. Joseph is the easiest person to talk to and we share the same passion for 9GAG. He makes the best MEME expressions!!! Such an awesome guy!

This is actually a screen shot from my camcorder footage. I vlogged throughout LA but I'll have the Vlog up after the release of Jason's MV.

With Edward (Director), Grace (Producer) & Joseph Vincent. Love them so much!

I miss you Gracie!!!!! Shout out to the Shimpsons! 

One of my fav moments in LA was being able to personally meet and hug you all. Thank you so much for being so welcoming and sweet. Some of you even drew me paintings, fan art, baked me cookies and gave us engagement gifts. Thank you so much for being so so sweet. I was very spoiled that day. There's sooooo many wonderful people I met in LA so I can't list you all but thank you SO much for your kindness. I feel very blessed to have met you all. I did however lose my digital camera =( Luckily no nude pictures in there lololol. Don't wanna be scarring you all for life. 

Frank and Tiffany, if you are reading this - it was sooo nice meeting you guys. I wish we took a picture (even in my tired ghastly pale state lol). You are a crazy driver man!!! Was fun being able to sit on your beast of a car. It was sooo special meeting you guys. Come visit me in Hong Kong soon. 

Some of you commented that I look skinnier in my recent DIY video. I actually lost 3lbs during my stay in LA. For some reason, I completely lost my appetite and I just couldn't eat. However, it's been about a week since I got back and I've already gained a lb so that's good. You guys also asked why wasn't I wearing my ring in LA. It's actually because it requires 7 days for resizing and since I would be away for a week, we figured we'll resize it while I'm gone so I can wear it when I'm back ^_^. I'M WEARING IT NOW BABY. Never taking it off lolol. 

So yep, I've been busy catching up on work and settling in again. Really happy to be back in Hong Kong with my doggies. I was going to film a No Mirror Makeup Challenge tag today but I decided to do chores and write a diary post instead. Will do it tomorrow ^_^.



Hi everyone! So it's now the day after. Just letting you all know that Tim had a wonderful birthday. He did not end up in A&E. He had a fun house party and is now nursing a poor hangover. Apartment was immensely trashed the day after. Why did I bother cleaning it the day before? Ah well, it's now cleaned up again anyways ^^

I made Tim wear a little party hat throughout dinner XD. He looks so funny and cute. He also stayed in his pjs the ENTIRE day. 


Let's end this post with a cute picture of the doggies. So happy to be reunited with them.

It's good to be back. I'll do an updated wedding planning post soon because I think I found the perfect venue for our wedding wohooooo!!! Have a wonderful week everyone.

Much love, Bubz xx


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