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I said YES!

Dear friends,

Last night was one of the most special nights in my life. My best friend/love of my life finally popped the question after 9 amazing years. We are so excited to walk the next chapters of our lives together. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life being husband and wife with Tim. While everything is still fresh in my head, I want to share as much detail about the proposal as possible with you guys because you are all so important to us. Thank you so much for your wonderful blessings. We are feeling so much love and joy right now. I woke up with the BIGGEST and CHEESIEST smile on my face. I caught Tim's cold but I am feeling so alive with energy. Actually, my fiance (wohoooo) is off to get me some congee for breakfast now ^_^ 

Our Proposal video

Alright so it all started about a week ago. I realised that Tim was organising a dinner with all of our closest friends on the day of our 9th anniversary. I overheard him ask my little sister if she wanted to come for dinner while I was sleeping (this was about 5am and they just got home). I thought "That's weird? Doesn't he know that's our anniversary?" so I asked him about this in which he responded "Yeah I know but unfortunately that's the only day everybody could get together for a meal together. You know how busy they've all been and they really want to get together and catch up because we don't know when is the next time we'll be able to get the chance".

You see, a lot of my close friends returned to Hong Kong this Summer but we haven't had a chance to meet up yet due to everybody being extremely busy with family & work. I knew some will be returning back to UK soon and I really wanted the chance for us to be together again so I agreed. To be honest, I wasn't too fussed about doing anything too extravagant anyway. Like every year, we just like to spend quality time together and enjoying a nice dinner. However, I did ask if we can celebrate it just the two of us another date and he agreed. To me, the dinner on Wednesday wasn't going to be in celebration of our 9th anniversary but close friends being united again. Our friends are VERY important to us because we have known each other since we we're 15 and 16 year olds. Over the 10 years, we have remained close if not closer despite distance between us throughout the years. 

But still, you can see why I would still be suspicious right? I'm going to spend the day of our anniversary with close friends? However, due to the very embarrassing situation on my 25th birthday (when I actually REALLLLY thought Tim was gonna propose but he didn't), I didn't want to get my hopes up.  I just accepted that no matter what, I'm going to be happy because he already makes me the happiest girl in the World. 

So Tim picked to eat in a restaurant called Wooloo Mooloo Prime which is a restaurant we both LOVE. It overlooks the beautiful sky line of Hong Kong and has the most romantic atmosphere. The girls and I talked and decided since it's been such a long time we dressed up for an event, let's doll up for dinner. In fact, the guys wanted to look sleek for dinner too. When we were younger, we used to get together in Burger King and back then we always said when we grow up- after work, we shall dine in a nice place looking smart. This is kinda like fulfilling that dream!!

On the day of the dinner (which was yesterday), Tim woke up looking and feeling very sick. He was coughing and his nose was running constantly. I told him that he can stay home instead of going out but he said hopefully he'll feel better later on the day. It broke my heart seeing him suffer so I decided to go out to get ingredients to make him congee and homemade soup. Plus, he was extra whiney and naggy and said he was hungry lolol. No joke, yesterday's weather was IMMENSELY HOT! Felt hotter than 36 Degrees Celsius for sure. I actually thought I was going to pass out from the heat. When I got home and laid out the ingredients to make congee, I realised I forgot to buy rice!!!! THE ESSENTIAL ESSENCE TO CONGEE!!!!! I was so angry lol. I had EVERYTHINGGGG BUT THE RICE. Now you may ask "Bubz, you're chinese right? How is it possible your household is out of rice?" Good question my friend. Well you see, my dog Chubbi was unwell for a little period of time so I used up all the rice to make congee for my dog. I knew I couldn't physically go outside again (fail) so I just went ahead and cooked the soup instead (which took 3 half hours to cook). 

Kai and I ready to head out for dinner. I may have been a little cranky because I was HUNGRY!!! When Kai forgot his phone and had to get it back, I was like ^&@$%(&@%@^#!!!! haha!

The dinner was for 7.30pm and it takes roughly an hour to get there. It was 6pm and Tim was still in bed. All my little pondering thoughts of the 'Could he propose? Would he?" started to go away. Nonetheless, I was still happy because I was going to see my friends! I dolled myself up and I felt good. Anyways, he ended up waking up and like most men- he got ready in like minutes but he was still sniffing and coughing away. 

So then we got to the restaurant and our friends were already there. The girls looked gorgeous and the guys looked smart. They immediately all said in unison "Happy 9 Year Anniversary!!!" to us which was sweet. I took it as a kind greeting and we all went to be seated. Before we ate, we decided to do a toast. I was expecting something like  'To us united again!!!" but everybody toasted 'To Tim & Lindy's 9 year anniversary!". I was starting to realise the dinner was gonna be an anniversary dinner. 

Best friend and I

With my closest girlies in the World

Before our toast

We had cocktails, wine and great food. The music was nice and the atmosphere was lovely. We were having a wonderful time catching up with each other. 

Gorgeous view from the restaurant

My chocolate cake has a little message ^_^

After dessert, Eric said everybody should give a little speech about our 9 year anniversary. I started to feel suspicious again now and then our friends started to give their lovely speeches. I've never done this before. Do people give speeches? Before I had time to ponder about this, they asked me to gave my speech. I thanked everybody for coming and told them how much I love them. I was a little distracted by the sudden increase of cameras looking my way. I knew Tim was next to give a speech and by then, I had a feeling mid-through his speech that it was going to be more than just a speech.

I always panicked about how my reaction to my proposal will be. What if I look ungrateful? What if I ruin the moment with my goofiness? I'm not someone who is easily moved to tears but as soon as he said "There's no one else in this World I rather spend the rest of my life with", I couldn't hold back my tears. As he walked towards me and knelt down in one knee, he asked

"I promise to love you with all of my life with everything I have, with everything that I am. No-one else will treat you as well as I do. If you give me this chance. Lindy Tsang, will you marry me?"

I always thought I would jump & scream "YESSS YESS I'LL MARRY YOU!!!!" (at least this is how I envisoned in my head)  but I could only nod and mumble a shaky yes. I've always been ready for this but when I heard these words in real life, it just felt surreal. I was completely overwhelmed with love and joy. My heart was going to explode from happiness. 

isaidyesI said Yes.

I'll never forget last night. It was extra special for us because our closest closest friends that we grew up were there to share the moment with us. Not just my closest friends but family too (my little sister, little cousin and hopefully brother-in-law-to-be Paul) Lots of love to Annie, Susan, April, Kai, Beni, Eric and Paul.  We love you all so much! 

Group pic (Why so serious Paul? lol)

The restaurant gave us a Polaroid picture to keep for memory!

fianceEveryone, I present to you my fiance ^_^ I'm officially the happiest girl in the World!!

After, Tim wanted to have a romantic stroll along the TST harbour. Believe me, it was HOT that night so we were sweating our butts off walking there. However, once we got there - we enjoyed the Hong Kong sky line and gentle sea breeze. Kai and April trailed along as photographers lol. 

Tim, I never got a chance to respond your beautiful words by telling how much I love you. These 9 years have been the best years of my life but I know this is just the beginning for us. I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together as husband and wife. Every flaw I ever thought of myself, you turned into a strength. There's no one else I would rather be with in this World but you. I always feel beautiful with you because you look for my Heart. You see mine and I see yours. After 9 amazing years, our journey has just begun. I know I was born to marry you.

We love because God loves. 

1 John 4:19 "We love because He first loved us."

So ... I guess we will have to start planning the Wedding soon. Dates, dresses, bridemaid dresses, venue, hair, makeup, theme ahhh! I'm so clueless. Not sure what I'm supposed to do. Help??? ^_^ Good news is I'm still on graceful period right? We plan to wed next year. Maybe for our 10th year anniversary? ^_^

Almost forgot! The ring! Tim knows me very well. He knows I want something simple, classic and beautiful. Have to get it resized soon so I'll be apart from it for 7 days =( But as Mel says, 7 days is nothing compared to a life time right? ^^ 

My first (and hopefully only) diamond 

I dedicate this beautiful song to us.  I know our love will go more than a thousand years. It will go on into Eternity. 


Ok, now to check out the footage they took with the camcorder! Hopefully,  I'll film an announcement video tomorrow for you guys! ^_^ I'm so excited! Hopefully include Tim and some footage from last night. 

Thank you so much again for sharing this moment with us!!

We love you all so much!!

Much love, Bubz & Tim xx


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