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Hello helloooo,

I'm sooo excited! I see my little sister and little cousin tomorrow afternoon. Going to collect them from the airport and then take them out for dinner. Then the following week, my girlfriends get here and we will finally be reunited again. I'm also excited because we're currently working on new Bubbi Brushes right now. It's been such a fun project and I've been having lots of fun doing sampling and designing. 

Thank you so much to everybody that supported the Bubbi brush range. It's been such a wonderful year seeing our little company grow. I feel very blessed and I still can't believe the makeup brushes I use everyday are my own =') We're very excited to announce that new brushes will be launched this year. There should be at least 8-10 brushes added this year to expand the Bubbi range. We've listened to all of your feedback and now know what improvements we can make to perfect our brushes even more. We decided we rather spend more for high quality brushes but make back less profit because I hope we can let this brand spread. So instead of making back more profit, we can expand our sales instead so everybody wins. We're also looking into more packaging alternatives too so it's been fun doing packaging design again (my original university degree). I'm so excited arghhh! None of this would be happened without everybody's support so once again, thanking you all for being angel babies! Of course, feeling very very grateful how the Lord has blessed us. We did a prayer today and asked God to be the CEO of Bubbi Ltd. In fact, I decided to put Him as the CEO of my life remember?


Hmm... 11:40PM right now so I'm probably going to head off to bed soon so I can wake up early to do errands before picking up my sis & cousin. Trying to sleep earlier these days. WOHOOOO 2NE1's "I am the best" song just came on on my iTunes. What a tune! Totally dancing and bobbing around my chair right now. Will have to listen to the rest of this song before bed time.

So what else exciting happening in my life? Not much! I bought a hand held steam iron last night and I got too excited about it. I always wanted one because it's such a hassle having to whip out the ironing board each time I need to iron. It's so much faster and easier ironing my shirts now. Tim thinks it's cute how I get so excited when I shop for home these days. Does this depress anybody? Not me because I enjoy the simple joys of life tehehe. He was queueing to pay for the iron while I dandered off to look at pillow cases. He saw me stroking the sheets and puffing up the pillows and he said he's never seen a person so excited about pillows and stuff. But yeah, I also bought myself some silk pillow cases (got an awesome bargain too wohoo). I always wanted one because I have such a terrible habit of sleeping on my face which isn't too good for the skin. Silk pillow cases means premature wrinkle prevention and less stress for my hair too.

Anyways, I got home and had a total blast trying out my new toy (household item iron lol) steaming my clothes. It's as if I'm operating my own laundry system =D I ended up ironing my entire wardrobe with it. Even Tim's shirts! 

Ok, song is over (boohoo) and it's time for me to do a bit of hula hooping before bed time. A lot of you requested a review post on "My Top BB creams". No problem! Will hopefully have this post up within the next few days okilies?

Good night my friends!

Actually, let me upload some pictures for you guys. A blog entry without pictures feels a little naked doesn't it?

"Bed time? You mean PLAY TIME mummy!" says Chubbi.

Guilty Domo after getting a little telling off. You can tell why it's hard to stay mad at him when he is cute as a button.

"Why am I in a box?" asks Chubbi. Chubbi inside BOXCEPTION. We were clearing out some boxes and she was being nosy so we put her inside to test her reaction. She was a bit confused.

After she was all, "Whatevz, it's kinda comfy inside here".

I was watching IU's MV for her latest song "Every End of the Day" and I got excited to see the music video was shot in Venice. I miss Venice. It's so beautiful there...

Oh well, looking forward to this year's traveling plans ;) I'M EXCITED AGAIN! Should be a very eye opening experience. But let's talk about this another time.

Anyway, it's worth sharing IU's new song. Her music always puts me in a chirpy mood. Look how colourful Venice is ^_^

Much love, Bubz xx


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