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Hi everyone!

Wow, it's so nice to be back in Hong Kong. I woke up this morning and stepped out into the balcony to IMMENSE HEAT & SUN. Felt quite nice actually. We got back to the apartment around 8pm and spent the rest of the night cleaning up the apartment and settling in. I actually couldn't believe I was back in Hong Kong again. I think I went to bed around 10pm but I woke up at 4am  =_= I blame jet lag but then I fell asleep again pretty soon after. 

Then first thing today, we went out to collect our doggies. I haven't been this excited in a while and seeing their little faces just made me so happy. I know 2 weeks doesn't seem very long but I missed them so so much! I worried about them constantly even though I knew they were taken good care of. I vlogged the experience for you guys. I hope it puts a smile on your face. I know it sounds extremely ridiculous to say my own dogs inspire me but they really do. They have such a great love for Life and they have such a natural desire to love everybody wherever they go.  

They've been following me all day now, infact they are sleeping behind me right now on this chair I am sitting on. Hmm, my butt is edging off the seat practically but it's ok, they're worth the numb bum. 

Watch for big smiles ^_^

I can't believe I haven't filmed a Bubzbeauty video in so long! I believe we're almost at 3 weeks which is the longest I've ever gone without making a Bubzbeauty video in years. I decided to take a break from filming and I have to admit, it was very hard for me because not talking to you guys felt like there was something missing in me. Hard for me to explain but I'm all refreshed and ready to film again starting tomorrow morning actually. Even though I forced myself not to bring my Canon 60D camera with me, I was still preparing my videos in Northern Ireland. Sometimes rest really is all we need to regain inspiration again. Got lots of videos coming up wohooo! I'll start tomorrow with a June Favourites video. I will be more active on too.

I do miss my family a lot. I know I will be seeing more of my family next month so until then,  I shall just wait patiently tehehe. 

Ok, going to tidy up the rest of the apartment and get ready for sleep. Let's share some more pictures for this entry shall we?

BFFNIBest friend and I looking a bit oily faced from running around.

Silliness at my cousin's house for family time.

While my brother Ricky went out, we all chilled out inside his bedroom and put his caps on. LOL at Paul (guy on the far left) because it looks as if those legs are his. 

With my sister April and newly engaged cousin Yannie ^_^ CONGRATS!!!

BBQ with friends. Thank you so much KM, Will, Kevin and Ian who flew over to Northern Ireland for a good craic hehe. Missing you guys so much!

Seeing these pictures puts a huge smile on my face. Feeling very blessed for all the wonderful people in my life. I also want to share this song with you guys. My cousin Kai sent me this and I've been listening to it all night. What a powerful song with powerful lyrics. Praise the Lord.

Goodnight World,

Much love, Bubz xx


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